37 Best YouTube Survival Videos (and Channels) to Keep Coming Back to

Venturing into the unknown can be exciting but also full of danger. If you are looking forward to outdoor activity, you may be again searching for survival tips. When the disasters strike, what next? To ease your search, this article examines the 37 best YouTube survival videos and their links that can help you gain essential tips for surviving under any circumstances.

  1. Survival Lilly

It is one of the best survival channels.

It offers excellent outdoor surviving tips ranging from fishing tips, fire lighting, shelter setting, and bear protection among others.

2.    Ultimate Survival Tips 

Do not let the cold snowing nights and seasons prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities.

This channel offers the best tips on bushcraft, camping, hunting, and gear for surviving.

3.    The Survival Channel – Survival Gear Reviews 

It is one of the best YouTube how-to-survive channels that aim at encouraging the audience to have a survival mindset.

It covers a variety of topics ranging from prepping, bushcraft, hiking, camping, and weapons among others.

4.    Native Survival and Bushcraft 

By watching this video you get to understand the true need for self-reliance.

The author uses minimal gear and makes it possible thus, making it one of the best youtube survival videos on the internet, at the time of compiling this list.

5.    Far North Bushcraft And Survival 

This among the top best YouTube survival videos that you would definitely want to watch over and over.

Apart from learning bushcraft tips, you also gain knowledge of how to survive in a less ideal situation including shelter making, food gathering, fire lighting without a lighter, and using wild medicine.

6.    North Survival 

With this video, you will get a clean-cut lesson on outdoor cooking, Axes, bushcraft, making shelters, hiking, and how to use knives.

7.    Sigma 3 Survival School 

This video provides excellent survival skills including shelter, fire food, and gear so be sure to check them out.

8.    50 Campfires 

This channel focuses on camping tips, survival tactics, and gears, and above all, it offers tips for choosing the best camping location.

9.    Ronny Dahl 

Do you love big cars, car camping, and hiking in the wilderness? This channel is the best for you.

10.  Shugemery 

This channel by Sean Emery provides you with tips on backpacking, hammocking, and camping.

11.  Steve Wallis 

This channel by Steve provides you with the best tips to enjoy outdoor activities regardless of the season.

Some of the topics he discusses include rafting, cycling, and camping, backpacking.

12.  Guide You Outdoors 

This channel provides you with all the how-to-survive tips that you need ranging from pitching a tent to the best way to enjoy camping and safe wilderness exploration.

13.  Joe Robinet 

Joe is an expert on bushcraft and wilderness surviving tips. He focuses on canoeing, camping, and gear for such situations.

14.  Bertram – Craft and Wilderness 

This is a great YouTube channel that provides relevant information regarding surviving tips. It covers bushcraft skills, blacksmithing, fishing, fire lighting, and structure building.

15.  Paul Kirtley 

Looking forward to learning bushcraft skills from an expert? Check out this YouTube channel as Paul is an expert.

16.  MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life 

This YouTube channel is run by Michael McQuilton. It provides excellent surviving tips such as, hunting, cooking, field dressing, and entertainment games that you can enjoy while alone.

17.  Primitive Technology 

Would you like to learn how to survive using ancient methods? Primitive technology will teach you how to make bow and arrow, and building shelter.

18.  AlfieAesthetics 

This one of the best YouTube surviving channels that is informative on wilderness surviving and bushcraft. You can enjoy videos ranging from fire building, shelter, and navigation.

19.  TA Outdoors

Are you interested in learning some bushcraft tips? This is the best YouTube channel for you.

20.  Fowler’s Makery and Mischief 

This video is excellent for learning more than bushcraft and outdoor skills. You will get to learn about fishing, shelter building, knot tying, crafting, and hunting skills.

21.  My Self Reliance 

Thinking that you want to live off the grid? This is the best YouTube channel for you.

22.  Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival 

This YouTube channel is run by Taro, an expert in bushcraft and wilderness surviving. Get to learn how to make a fire in wet conditions and sleeping in different situations among others.

23.  Tom McElroy – Wild Survival 

This YouTube survival channel is run by Tom McElroy who teaches how to survive in a variety of complex situations. Watch this channel and get equipped with skills such as bushcraft.

24.  Dutch Bushcraft Knives 

Want to learn more about the best knives? This channel is the best suited for you. It offers information regarding the best knives in the market for wilderness survival and bushcraft.

25.  Ovens Rocky Mountain Bushcraft 

This YouTube channel is run by Greg Ovens a self-made survivalist. Through this channel, you stand a chance to get unique surviving tips including fishing, foraging, and shelter building.

26.  Billy Rioux Adventurer 

Want to learn wilderness skills? This channel is the best channel for you.

This YouTube channel focuses on the outdoor lifestyle. Check out this channel and be equipped with the necessary skills for outdoor adventure.

27.  Engineer 775 

This YouTube channel will equip you with skills including how to get heat during cold nights and water.

28.  Reallybigmonkey1 

This channel is equipped with excellent tips including bushcraft, shelter building, and fire lighting, and hunting among others.

29.  Survival Russia 

Want to get interesting tips on how to survive during the winter season. Survival Russia YouTube channel is here for you.

30.  Wilderness Outfitters-David Canterbury 

This channel offer information relating to sustainability and self-reliance during an outdoor adventure. Here you will learn the must-have surviving gears.

31.  How To Survive 

This is an excellent channel to find different information on how to survive, about bushcraft and other tips.

32.  Living Survival 

This channel is dedicated to giving you the best tips and necessary gear for your outdoor adventure.

33.  Survival on purpose 

This channel focuses on survival bushcraft, camping, and other tips. It also recommends the best modern survival gear available in the market.

34.  Wranglerstar 

It is a YouTube channel that offers a wide range of tips to survive, and necessary gear.

35.  The Hoss USMC

This YouTube channel offers defensive survival tips.

36.  Stephanie Margeth 

This is another great channel to watch. It will teach you necessary skills including bushcraft, among others.

37.  Canadian Prepper 

Want to know more about the must-have survivin gear? This channel is definitely the best.

Bottom Line

When disaster strikes, you do not have to worry anymore. With these survival tips from the top 37 best YouTube survival videos, you are good to go. Every channel and video offers survival tips for different situations. As such, understand your environment and then decide the most appropriate survival skills to apply. While there are other survival YouTube channels and videos, these are the best. Make use of them, and you will survive any danger out there.