The Guide to Paracord- Best Brands, Reviews, How to Tie

Paracord, also known as parachute cord, was essentially designed for the suspension of lines in parachutes. Today, it can be used in a survival situation to perform numerous tasks.

Are you planning for an outdoor activity? It is one of the essential tools you would not want to miss in your bag pack. It can be used differently while faced with a survival situation, such as building shelter while camping, starting a fire, hunting, fishing, and climbing.

However, be careful with unscrupulous sellers who might sell a regular nylon rope to you, which is no match for the military paracord. A legitimate paracord suitable for your survival situation should have a braided sheath and a varying number of interwoven strands within it.

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Multi-colored paracord ropes

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With numerous paracord types with which most of them are mutation, it can be challenging to find the right one. However, this article is designed to offer information based on paracord reviews relating to the best paracord brand, features, benefits, and how to tie these cords.

Features of A Quality Military Grade Paracord

Are you planning on buying a paracord for your outdoor adventure, and you are not sure how to choose the right one?  You are going to need the best paracord for that. This section gives you tips on what to look for. Generally, the quality of the best paracord should match military grade.

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TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord/Parachute Cord – Genuine Mil Spec Type IV 750lb Paracord Used by The US Military (MIl-C-5040-H) – 100% Nylon

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  • Single color corded strands: The original military paracord manufacturer used single color to distinguish themselves from other manufacturers.
  • The number of strands in the filament: Today, numerous manufacturers produce paracords that match military quality with different colors. As such, pay close attention to the number of strands each filament contains. For 550 cords, the filament should contain about 7 to 9 strands, and each of them comprises three twisted strands.
  • Mil-Spec on the packaging: Mil-C-5040H is a military specification defining paracord requirements. If it is missing, the paracord is fake and will not be used when faced with a survival scenario.
  • Nylon material: Most paracords' sheath and filaments are made of nylon. This means they are elastic, making them suitable for various activities such as fishing.
  • Flexibility: Paracords are designed to be used for different purposes, something standard nylon cannot do. The filaments are not tied together, and therefore a single strand can be pulled out to perform a specific function like fishing or lighting a fire.

Top Five Best Paracords

For survival having high quality and durability is of paramount importance. To ease your search, I have compiled a list of the best paracord for your outdoor adventures.

1. Tough grid 750lb paracord

Are you searching for a multitasking paracord? Tough grid 750lb is your best choice. It can hold up to 200lbs weight in motion or static. Thus, if you want to use it for adventure and dangerous sports, go for the tough grid.

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TOUGH-GRID 550lb Paracord/Parachute Cord – 100% Nylon Mil-Spec Type III Paracord Used by The US Military, Great for Bracelets and Lanyards

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It is made of tough nylon threads capable of withstanding harsh physical challenges and pressure. It is woven with more than ten strands from inside and similar from the outside. This characteristic makes it durable and comfortable to the touch. It is capable of stretching up to 20% of the normal size.

Based on paracord reviews, it has five stars making it number one among others.


  • Waterproof
  • Non-inflammatory to the skin
  • Excellent for parachuting and tent set
  • It is firm and sturdy


  • Hefty as it is made of many threads
2. Titan military 550 paracord

It is specifically designed for military purposes. It is made up of four different components, which increases its durability. Its elasticity and flexibility allow users to diversify and use it for other purposes such as survival.

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TOUGH-GRID 550lb Paracord/Parachute Cord – 100% Nylon Mil-Spec Type III Paracord Used by The US Military,

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It comprises a single transparent 25lb fishing line, about 30 AWG metallic alloys, and is waterproof. Therefore, it is suitable for various purposes such as camping, lighting a fire, hunting, and fishing, among other survival activities.


  • Extensively long
  • Waterproof
  • High-functioning


  • It has limited length options
3. Paracord 550 type III

It is made of durable material assuring safety and reusability. It is 100% with seven inner strands. It is soft to the hand and easy to handle.

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It is resistant to water, solar radiation, or rust thus, increasing its durability. Also, there are numerous lengths to choose from.


  • Excellent for climbing
  • Numerous lengths to choose from
  • All-weather resistant


  • The number of strands varies
4. 5col 550 type III nylon paracord

If you are searching for a firmer product, you might want to check this one. It is designed to be long-lasting for military purposes. It contains twice as much thread as a regular four-strand cord.

5col 550 Type 3 Nylon Parachute Paracord – MIL-C-5040H & PIA-C-5040

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More so, it can stretch up to 25% of its initial footage while still maintaining its firmness.


  • Waterproof
  • It is flexible and stretchy
  • It is fireproof


  • It is somehow rough to the touch
5. X-cords paracord

It is an 850 multipurpose paracord consisting of eight inner strands to make it extremely durable. It is suitable for a dangerous sport such as rock climbing. It comes with a nice handle to carry, making it a more suitable choice for your survival.

X-CORDS Paracord 850 Parachute Cord Made in The USA

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  • Mold and rust-resistant
  • It comes with a fictional handle
  • Reusable


  • It can be too sturdy for small-sized uses

Benefits Of Purchasing The Best Paracord

  • Cutting through zip ties: If the enemy binds you with a zip tie and your boot races are made of the best paracord brand, you can use them to cut through. Their strength and toughness make it possible to cut through the ties.
  • Paracord can be used in starting a fire: The paracord's strands are flammable and hence, can use them to start a fire for cooking or keeping warm and hungry bears away from your tent.
  • Paracord can be used to build a survival bow: With the best quality paracord brand, you can easily use it to make survival bowstrings for fishing or make traps to catch other animals for food.
  • It is useful in building a better shelter: With the best paracord brand, you are assured of having a stable shelter over the cold night. If you forgot your tent line, you could use paracord instead, and they will offer great stability.
best paracord

PARACORD PLANET Paracord (50+ Colors) – 1,000 Foot spools – 250 Foot spools – 100 feet Hank

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How to Tie A Paracord Knot

Do you need to know how to tie paracord knots? It is essential to understand various ways to tie a paracord knot. There are numerous types of knots, but there are three most popular knots based on paracord reviews, including:

  • Monkey's fist
  • Snake
  • Lanyard
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1,000 LB SurvivorCord XT | 100 FEET | Patented Military Type IV 750 Paracord/Parachute Cord (7/32″ Diameter) with Integrated Kevlar Thread, Braided Fishing Line, and Waterproof Fire Tinder

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Are you looking for the best paracord brand for your survival situation? The military brands are the best in terms of quality, durability, and portability, and multipurpose. Out of the top five best paracords, you are guaranteed to get a quality paracord that will not disappoint.