Best Stormproof Matches – Strike on Anything and More

When in a survival situation, nothing brings a sense of security other than knowing you can light a fire to keep yourself warm. Fire not only keeps one warm but can also scare away dangerous animals and cook food. For this reason, you need to have the best strike on anything matches. These are matches that are capable of lighting even when raining or heavy wind is blowing.

While all matches are useful, some are more preferred for a survival situation than others. Are you searching for the best stormproof matches available in the market? This article is designed to answer your question by identifying the top ten best strike-on-anything matches.

Top Ten Best Stormproof Matches

  1. UCO strike on anything matches

This is on the top list of the best stormproof matches. It comes with a durable and windproof plastic container holding 25 matches but can hold up to 40 matches. What makes this match among the best is the following features.

best stormproof matches
UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case, 25 Stormproof Matches and 3 Strikers (Orange (2-Pack)
  • It contains three replaceable striker strips: if your striker string is wearing out, no need to panic; just replace it and move on with your business.
  • They are windproof and waterproof: Occasionally, when we strike a match during the windy season, the flame is instantly put out. But with this match, no intensity of the wind can put the fire off. Also, even after submerging it in water, it still lights.
  • It contains a small ball of cotton: This feature can be used for kindling an emergency fire.

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2. The Everstryke Match

This is not your ordinary kitchen strike match. It is made of quality stainless steel. This means that the Ferro rod is reusable for up to 15000 long burning strikes. At the end of the Ferro rod is the fitting of a snugly cotton wick.

best stormproof matches , strike on anything matches
Everstryke Match Pro Lighter – Waterproof Fire Starter Especially for Survival and Emergency Use

When not in use, s crew the rod back into the container. This O-ring Ferro rod prevents fuel from evaporating while not in use and water from entering. It is small and lightweight, increasing its portability.

Other impressive features include durability and reusability. If you don't already have it, include this one in your survival kit.

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3. Coghlan’s 940 BP Waterproof Matches

This is an affordable and reliable brand, making the list of best stormproof matches. It is commonly used by hikers, hunters, backpackers, fishermen, and overall survivalists. A single box of this brand contains 40 waterproof matches with the capability of striking on anything and a 12-second burn time.

stormproof matches
Coghlan's 940BP Waterproof Matches,

However, the matches’ case is not waterproof. The fact that they are waterproof and affordable makes this brand appear among the top best stormproof matches. Besides, it is available on Amazon at a customer-friendly price.

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4. UCO Wind and Waterproof Survival Matches with Sealed Case

In this brand’s case, there are 15 waterproof and windproof sticks. While you do not get to enjoy as many match sticks as in other packages, you will get to enjoy the added advantage of having a reusable sealed waterproof case, and two strikers included.

stormproof matches
UCO Windproof and Waterproof Survival Matches with Sealed Case and 2 Strikers – 15 Matches

Each match stick will offer you a 12 seconds burn which is enough time to ignite a fire. Besides, even after submerging the match sticks into the water, they can still be relit, and the strikers are replaceable.

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5. Zippo Typhoon Matches and Match Kit

This brand comes with 15 waterproof, windproof, and stormproof match sticks inside a waterproof case. Inside the package are several replacement strike pads for you. The grip of the case works perfectly well in all weather.

 best stormproof matches
Zippo Typhoon Match Kit

The striker is perfectly fitted on top of the waterproof case, ensuring it is close to your hand always. Besides, they are about four inches long, increasing the burning period to almost 30 seconds. This is more than most stormproof matches could offer.

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6. UCO Match Container Kit and 75 UCO Stormproof Match

This is one of the best windproof and waterproof matches on the market today. The box is waterproof and contains 75 waterproof and windproof matchsticks.It also contains several replaceable strikers when one wears out. The strikers can be directly connected to the waterproof box, you can also put them on any object, they will light up.

best stormproof matches
UCO Bundle – 2 Items Match Container Kit with 75 Stormproof Matches – Waterproof & Windproof

Additionally, you get 15 seconds to burn time enough to light a campfire, stoves, and anything else that can burn or be lit.

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7. UST Stormproof Matches with Waterproof Match Box

This brand is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while remaining effective and reliable. The match sticks provide the user with a long-lasting burn necessary to light a fire. Their extended length ensures that you do not have to get too close to the material to start a fire.

The casing is also waterproof, and you will not have to worry about leaving it outside during harsh weather conditions. In some cases, the match case is sold separately from the matches.

best stormproof matches
UST Waterproof Match Case (Matches not included), Orange

The following three features make this match to be among the top ten best stormproof matches.

  • It has a strike anywhere feature: In this case, you do not need the strike pad to light a fire. You can do so by striking the match stick against a stone or any other hard surface.
  • It has a 100% waterproof case: Even after being rained on or dropping into the water, it will not be impacted.
  • The case contains ten all-weather matches

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8. Permanent Survival Match

These matches are among the top-rated stormproof matches for their excellent features. If you are looking for the best waterproof and reusable survival matches, this is your best choice. The match gives you a more extended burning period than the ordinary match.

best stormproof matches
SURVIVE Permanent Match Metal, 2 Pack, Reusable Survival Fire Starter Lighter, Emergency Waterproof Keychain Striker Stick Kit

Additionally, besides being waterproof, they provide the user with up to 15000 strikes, and a strike strip is also included in the package. This product is available on Amazon for as low as $9.97.

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9. Diamond Strike

These are strike-on-anything matches and are incredibly affordable. They are averaged sized with a striking head; a single box contains 300 matches and is readily available at your nearby local stores.

best stormproof matches
Diamond “Strike a Fire” Fire Starter Kit, 48 count/box – 2 box package.

Since the match sticks are waterproof, strike on anything and anywhere feature, they are an excellent choice for your outdoor activities.

10. Extra-large Jackie Portable Head Waterproof and Windproof Matches

This brand appears on our top-rated best stormproof matches because of its excellent features. One of its distinctive features is that the match sticks have extra-large heads compared to other stormproof options.

This feature allows the user to effortlessly light a fire under any weather condition and provides one with a long ignition period of about 18 seconds than most other stormproof options in the market.

best stormproof matches
Jackie Waterproof Windproof Survival Emergency Light Storm Matches

Even after submerging the sticks into the water, they still ignite with a lot of ease. The case is also 100% waterproof, so if left outdoors during harsh weather conditions no need to panic as you find it in perfect condition. Lastly, the case contains about 20 match sticks.

While these are among the top best stormproof matches available in the market, they are also available on Amazon at an affordable rate. I hope this article will make your search less tedious.

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