7 Features the Best Tactical Gloves Absolutely Need to Have

Tactical gloves provide unmatched protection to your hands from abrasions, impacts, and weather. Even if you are using tactical gloves for duty, shooting, or combat, these devices are critical pieces of versatile safety gear.

In particular, they act as an extension on your hands by providing tactility, dexterity, and protection. They are also designed to cover the entire hand so that you have complete protection against injury or abrasion, and also have varying features.

Below are the seven features your tactical gloves need to have.


Durability is one of the significant features that you should look at in your tactical gloves. In this case, you will want to ensure that they serve you for an extended period. Remember, if you are going to use them frequently, they will be exposed to wear and tear.

best tactical gloves
Mechanix Wear: M-Pact 2 Covert Tactical Work Gloves (X-Large, All Black)

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When it comes to durability, you will consider the materials they are made of. You can find tactical gloves made of polyester, neoprene, synthetic leather, and other kinds of leather. Notably, material construction determines durability, comfort, stretch, and breathability.

If possible, they should be coated with a polyurethane finish that enhances longevity. Also, your pair should have thick palms to ensure the protection of the most sensitive part of your hands. Not only that, they should not cause skin irritations and will provide a reasonable degree of breathability.

best tactical gloves
Mechanix Wear: M-Pact MultiCam Tactical Work Gloves (X-Large, Camouflage)

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M-Pact MultiCam Tactical Gloves are the most durable tactical gloves that you can get in the market. These have a decent design. While they were initially designed for military use, you can use them for outdoor activities including, climbing, horseback riding, and hunting.

Maintainability and ease of use

Your tactical gloves should be easier to adjust in that you should not take a lot of time to put them on. When looking at the easy to use, they should have straps and cuffs, which are the best features that can help in holding them without requiring more effort to secure them. You might also want them to be functional such that you can perform all tasks that you would do with bare hands.

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Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 Men's Tactical Military Gloves Flexible Rubber Knuckle Protective for Combat Hunting Hiking Airsoft Paintball Motorcycle Motorbike Riding Outdoor Gloves Black XS

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In other words, they would enable you to do such tasks more quickly than you should do with bare hands. Most important, you should avoid those that will make you fumble while you are pulling a trigger, loading your firearm, and do other tasks that you require undertaking seamlessly.

The Seibertron Tactical Gloves can be the best option for you when it comes to ease of use. These gloves have a Velcro wrist strap that enables you to easily adjust the fit with fingertips and palms having a grip enhancement. In addition, you can look at these too.

best tactical gloves
Seibertron S.O.L.A.G 1/2 Finger / Fingerless / Half Finger Multi-function Sports Gloves

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If you are going to wear yours for an extended period, comfort is one of the features you should look at. Comfort depends on the size. Just like other products, tactical gloves come in different sizes. Size is a critical feature you should consider when looking for a tactical glove. It is a fact that hand sizes vary from one person to another. Due to that, you should not have a one-size-fits-all pair. They should look and feel as though they were tailor-made.

best tactical gloves
Oakley Factory Pilot Glove [Coyote Color/Size XL]

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The best tactical gloves have various sizes, and by looking at the sizing chart, you can quickly determine the appropriate size for you. Also, to get the correct size, you can measure palms all around. In this case, you should avoid too small gloves because they can limit blood circulation and affect your performance.

On the contrary, avoid too large gloves since they can slip out of your hands and can also cause unnecessary readjusting and fumbling. Also, too large ones can make your hands get colder when you use them in colder environments.

When it comes to sizing, the choice for you is the Oakley Factory Pilot Glove. This glove has full-grain leather wrist uppers and palms. Once you can buy it, you will enjoy a form-fitting design, snug, with a comfortable fit and mesh for expansion.

It also has a carbon-Fiber striker plate on its knuckles that will protect your hands and provide you with a secondary weapon when it comes to hand-to-hand compact.

best tactical gloves
Oakley Men's Factory Pilot Gloves – Black/Large

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Breathability and Insulation

Insulation is not necessary, but it can be a critical feature if you are wearing your tactical gloves during seasons. In most scenarios, the breathable ones do not have any insulation, while those that have insulation tend to have poor breathability. Most importantly, they should offer enough ventilation so that you do not find yourself sweating or freezing.

Therefore, a well-ventilated pair of gloves should ensure that your hands are kept dry so that you can perform shooting better. However, you should know that insulation comes with a detriment of agility and flexibility.

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Men's Tactical Gloves | Viperade Military Rubber Hard Knuckle Outdoor Glove | Heavy Duty Glove | Airsoft Glove | Best for Cycling Hiking Camping Powersports (Black, M)

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If you wish to buy this type, Viperade men's gloves are the best. They have vents that make them comfortable and breathable.


The grip feature is related to handling your firearm. In particular, before you take any shot, your they should enable you to feel contact with your trigger to avoid distraction. Further, if you are working in particular situations and freezing climates that you need to be covered up to your fingers, you should consider having tactical gloves that meet your needs.

In this case, you can get those with designs, that have unique fingertips to offer good grip the best for shooting needs, handling small items, and using technology. To get the best with added grip capabilities, you can look for one that has a textured palm.

best tactical gloves
Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-04-L Tactical Operator Pro Glove, Stealth Black, Large

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Ironclad's operator Pro gloves are designed from heavy-duty material and have neoprene knuckle protection. They also have an EXO embossed palm to offer extra grip.


Padding is a critical feature for offering supplemental protection to the most exposed areas of your hands. However, depending on the activity, you should invest in a pair with additional padding in areas that you need most. For instance, palm reinforcement can help protect your palms, and finger reinforcement can ensure the protection of your fingers.

Also, knuckle reinforcement can provide excellent tactical protection to your knuckles. If you wish to purchase the best-padded gloves, then the glove station tactical could the appropriate choice for you.

best tactical gloves
Glove Station The Combat Military Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Rubber Knuckle Gloves for Men

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These gloves are designed to encourage airflow through rubber aero vents and padded mesh on the hand's back.

Wrist adjustment- best tactical gloves

Most of the tactical gloves use Velcro closure that enables the wearer to set the gloves as tight as they need. Depending on the kind of activity you want to use the tactical gloves for, you should consider having elastic cuffs. Such type of gloves is faster and easier to put on or remove. However, elastic gloves might not be the best quality and might wear out faster.

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WTACTFUL Touch Screen Motorcycle Full Finger Gloves for Cycling Motorbike ATV Hunting Hiking Riding Climbing Operating Work Sports Gloves

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The guide above provides some of the best tactical gloves features that can enable you to accomplish your mission. Depending on the type of activity you wish to use the gloves for, you should get comfortable and durable ones. It would be best to remember the purpose you need them for when buying.