11 Reasons You Need To Have Emergency Body Wipes Stacked Up

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Even in an emergency or a dire situation, staying clean is very important. You could be out in the woods with no showers, or in a disaster evacuation camp with no running water, or even in a situation where you need to preserve available water for drinking.

This is where body wipes come in, a survival hygiene must-have. Body wipes are inexpensive and are easy to carry around. They can keep you clean and smelling good. This alone can ease psychological hygiene concerns. Having body wipes in your bag, vehicle, office desk, or wherever you are in general is always a great idea.

When choosing a product to buy, you should be guided by how easy it is to carry around; single sheets vs. bulk packages, package durability; this is a product you touch often, their environmental impact as well as scents and chemicals contained in the body wipes.

Below are reasons and situations that call for emergency body wipes at hand:

1. For personal hygiene while camping

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes 4-Pack
Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes 4-Pack

Camping is most of the time not glamorous when it comes to cleanliness. You get sweaty and dusty, and more often than not, the water available is conserved for drinking and cooking. Body wipes will save you a lot of discomfort and body odor as you enjoy camping.

In the absence of tissue paper, you can also use body wipes in their place. There are dedicated body wipes for this purpose (link product here).

Recommendations: Dude Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes Suitable Wipes Body Wipes. Both do an excellent job.

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2. Cleaning your utensils while camping

The intention while camping is to save as much of the water you have with you for drinking. You also need to keep your utensils clean to avoid stomach bugs. This is where body wipes can come in handy- remove the dirt using a wipe, and use just a bit of water to rinse it off.

3. As baby wipes

baby body wipes, best baby wipes
Baby body wipes

As a parent or nanny taking care of a baby yet to be potty-trained, body wipes are a treasure to have around.

Babies cause messes: spills, barfs, throwing up- and therefore, regular clean-up for them (and you) up is absolutely necessary.

Body wipes meant for a baby's skin are usually mild to the skin.

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4. To start a fire

using dried body wipes to start a fire
Start a fire using dried body wipes

Used and dried-up body wipes can help you to effortlessly start a fire while camping.

They are light and easily flammable.

Place them under your tinder and light them up!

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5. To keep your surfaces clean while on the go

body wipes, general use wet wipes
Wipe, clean, go

This is the most common need whether you're a germaphobe or not. Antibacterial types can kill types of bacteria and viruses. For survival while on a camping trip, you need to keep germs at bay. These wipes are also very handy to have as you go about your day.

They will contribute to keeping you and your family protected.
You can use them to wipe down common leaning areas, doorknobs, steering wheels, spills in your car to avoid mold and mildew, restaurant tables and seats, grocery carts; the uses for them are endless.

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6. To soothe sunburns

best body wipes
Body wipes with Aloe to soothe sunburns

While outdoors and suffering through the discomfort of sunburns, body wipes can be very relieving when gently placed on the affected area(s).

It would be even more soothing if the body wipes contain aloe vera in them.

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7. To reduce exposure to pollen

body wipes for all skin types, cruelty free body wipes, Plant-Based, Aluminum-Free, Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free Body Wipes
Plant-Based, Aluminum-Free, Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free Body Wipes

Pollen allergies are a nuisance, and especially because one can carry the pollen on their clothes and skin unsuspectingly. If you suffer from pollen allergies, having a pack of emergency body wipes with you is important.

Wiping down your face reduces pollen exposure time, consequently reducing the itchiness and discomfort caused by pollen.

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8. To use after a workout

Not all workout sessions take place in the gym. You might leave the house with the intention of picking up some groceries after a jog. In this instance, you will not have access to a shower, and your only other option to freshen up would be a public bathroom.

emergency body wipes
Degree Men On-The-Go Deodorant Wipes Cool Rush

Freshening up with a wet wipe in this instance will leave you less sweaty and smelly, and it only takes a short time to wipe yourself down.

Recommendations: Degree Men On-The-Go Deodorant Wipes. It's strong, smells excellent, and does its job well. Medline Ignite Men's Body Wipes does a great job too.

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9. To remove stains

No better way is there to get rid of stains during a dire situation- such as coffee spills on your nice linen in the office- than with wipes. This works especially well for mild stains from things like lipstick, tea, and coffee. It also works most efficiently when used immediately after staining occurs.

10. For your first aid kit

If you are an outdoorsy person, you most likely have a first aid kit that you take with you on your adventures. Make sure that among other essential first aid gear, a pack of antiseptic ones is included. The uses for it are countless- such as cleansing wounds and areas surrounding them, and they could ultimately save your life by keeping bacteria at bay. These do not sting either, making them friendly to use.

11. To keep skin hydrated

Alcohol-free body towels are great for rehydration of dry skin. Hydrated skin is healthy skin and not prone to skin breakages and damage. If you're outdoors, you want to minimize chances of discomfort as much as you can. Cleaning your skin with wet wipes, and following it up with your moisturizer of choice will ensure maximum retention of moisture in your skin.

Overall, body wipes are a must-have survival product in your daily carry-on and your first aid kit.