What Energy Drink Works Best? Bug Out Prepping Ideas

The world is always sitting on the edge of one disaster or another. This gives relevance to the preppers circles. While some people are preparing for a nuclear doomsday, others are getting ready for destructive hurricanes, typhoons, or other disasters. It makes sense to have a bug-out bag well packed with essential survival items in such a scenario. Before we disclose some of the most important energy drinks to pack, let's take a peek into a doomsday scenario.

A nuclear detonation would probably mark the beginning of WW3. Apart from massive loss of lives, electric grids and other structures would get destroyed. In such an instance, you would need extra energy to save your life and others if in a position to.  It would therefore make sense to have revitalizing, refreshing energy drinks in your bug-out bag in such or similar scenarios.

Before you go out shopping for some random energy drink to pack, let us see what makes up the most effective energy drinks.

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Caffeine is one of the primary energy drink additives. Caffeine is a stimulant, and you need to keep awake in emergencies. The amount of caffeine in one energy drink equals three cups of coffee or 400% of the caffeine in an average soda.

Here is how caffeine works:

After a rapid absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, caffeine stimulates the release of epinephrine and dopamine within one hour. This action increases blood pressure and heart rate, which improves mental alertness. You don't want to be lagging in an emergency room.

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Further, epinephrine stimulates glycogenolysis, the breaking down of glycogen into glucose which fuels the body. This causes muscle contractions and increases reaction time.


Guarana is a caffeine potent seed native to Brazil. Guarana contains double the amount of caffeine in coffee seeds, and Guarana extracts are a common energy drink additive. It is not usually factored in the total caffeine content, which means that it supplements coffee caffeine. You deserve the ultra-high kick in emergencies.

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Caffeine has a half-life of five to seven hours, an additional five hours of wakefulness and usefulness.


Here comes the sweetest part, sugar. The most effective energy drinks usually contain sugar equal to one glass of fruit juice or a soda can.  Sometimes they can be a little too sweet than your average soda. Sugar cancels the bitter taste of caffeine and carbonated water, making the drink palatable. Sugar can also come in the form of sweeteners. You must love sweet things!

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In an emergency, you need to scavenge any form of sugar to fuel your drained body. Survivors can go for days without essential food supplies, and the super high amount of carbohydrates may bring the lifesaving energy kick.


Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Energy drinks often have cyanocobalamin as an additive, but some people don't know why. Emergencies are often hazardous. For example, an earthquake can burst sewer pipes and mix drinking water with contaminated water.

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Vitamin B12 often found in animal proteins such as fish, milk, and eggs, build and strengthens the nervous system. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells. An improved nervous system and lots of oxygen help fight off fatigue and depression. Other B vitamins such as B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, and riboflavin aid metabolism, thus keeping the body healthier.


Taurine makes it into this list for one important reason combating the jitters associated with high caffeine consumption. People report nervousness, fewer concentrations, palpitations, and shaking after high caffeine doses. Taurine aids cardiovascular processes and skeletal muscle functions which lowers heart palpitations and shaking.

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Meat, seaweed, fish, and milk contain taurine, which is a neurotransmitter depressant.


A derivative of the Ginseng root, ginseng extracts are commonly added to energy drinks. This magic root reduces fatigue and stress, which may give you a boost and help pull through stressful emergencies.

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Now that you know what constitutes an effective energy drink, let's dive into specific brands. If you are wondering what energy drinks works best, tag along.

Most Effective Energy Drinks –  2021

Java Monster

Java's coffee +energyup line is a perfect blend of sugar and coffee to give you the high and kick you need during an emergency. You don't have time to make a hot cup of coffee, add extra cream, or whip. It is one of the most effective energy drinks in the market.

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This vegan-friendly can pack a full load of energy to supercharge your body wherever you are. What's more, it comes with a blended flavor that hints at brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Pure Boost Immune

Boost yourself with this all-in-one energy drink. Powerful energy combined with hydrating electrolytes and packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins can do wonders in your hour of need.

most effective energy drinks

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A single packet has an antioxidants equivalent of four half cups of raspberries or 16 cups of broccoli. 950mg of potassium and 100mg of Magnesium will supply your thirsty body with electrolytes lost when running it during heavy exercises.

Red Bull Energy Drink

You must have seen their in-the-face advertisements severally. It gives you wings, not literal ones, though. Each can contains 80 mg of caffeine which provides you with a 5 hours high, enough to get you out of a precarious situation.

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It is stomach-friendly due to the absence of any gluten, lactose, wheat, and other allergens. Some B groups will boost the immune system with aspartame giving you an energy boost. Red Bull energy drink contains taurine to relieve the jitters after all the high, and this is what makes it one of the most effective energy drinks out there.

MTN Dew Rise Energy

Mountain dew ruled our convenience store shelves long before other brands arrived. This classic drink rejuvenated our veins and hydrated the thirsty sportsman. They are back again with this fantastic line of Rise Energy drink that packs a 180mg kick of caffeine combined with three flavors.

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Get it in Pomegranate Blue Burst, Tropical Sunrise, and Orange Breeze flavors.

V8 Sparkling +Energy

V8 Sparkling +Energy drink relies on natural caffeine from black and green tea and sucralose to give you that hit of energy. It is a vegan-friendly low-cal drink made from vegetable juice, water, and vitamins such as B3, B6, and B12.

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Ascorbic acid boots the immune system and helps fight off infections.

Bottom Line

Energy drinks are part and parcel of a bug-out bag in preppers circles. What energy drink works best? A perfect energy drink should contain enough doses of caffeine as a stimulant, sugar, or sucralose to provide the energy kick and ginseng to reduce fatigue. Taurine completes the whole picture combating jitters since it is a neurotransmitter depressant.

If worse comes to worst and what you were preparing for happens, these are among the best and most effective energy drinks that would be a great boost to the energy you need to keep going! They are also great when performing other outdoor activities like sports.