Prepping on a Budget: 11 Best Practices

When it comes to prepping, it can be overwhelming and expensive too. If you have spent a lot of money when prepping, you might be surprised to learn how easy and inexpensive the process can be.

Prepping on a budget requires discipline, something that most people do not have. However, if you would like to start prepping, it is possible to learn how.

Are you planning on slicing your prepping budget, but you do not have an idea? Or are you on budget constrain and still want to prep? For whichever reason has made you decide to prep on a budget, some tips can help you successfully prepare on a budget.

If you are reading this article is because you want to start prepping on a budget. Read to the end, and you will learn eleven best practices to help you prep on a budget.

What Are The Eleven Best Practices Necessary To Help Prep On A Budget?

1.    Decide the type of prepping you want

It is essential before starting prepping to understand the type of prepping you want.  Are you prepping for a few days, weeks, or months? This is an essential step as it will help you quantify the amount of every item you need. This is super important when it comes to budgeting.

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It is not possible to budget for items without knowing the actual quantities required. It will also make it easier to decide the type of food you should purchase. It is, therefore, the first step you need to undertake if you are planning on prepping on a budget.

2.    Prepare a list of all the necessities.

Without preparation, you are prone to spending beyond your means and even not buying all the basics. Thus, the first thing is to write down to prioritize all the things you need on a piece of paper.

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Then check your inventory and mark all the supplies you have and need not buy on the list. This is important as it will help you not purchase items that you already have and hence minimize your budget. The list will also ensure you stick with an essential supplier.

3.    Set a budget for each item

Budgeting is essential to ensuring your spending remains in check. For all the remaining items on the list that need purchase, set a maximum budget. It is essential to set a maximum limit on the money you are willing and able to spend.

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Do some online window shopping and learn the minimum cost of each item. Amazon is a great online store that you can visit to find various options as every seller has a varying price for each product.

4.    Start with the necessities.

First, buy food, water, and a first aid kit. While you can survive for a few days without food and water, if you plan on prepping for a long time, it is essential to consider buying enough food and water. Besides, the purpose of prepping is to ensure you do not go even a single day without eating.

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Given that you know the quantities and the cost, it is time to purchase them. Consider purchasing foods that do not need refrigeration, such as canned or dry foods. For instance, you can get, beans, peas, and fruits, among others, at a pocket-friendly price on Amazon.

When it comes to water, it might not be possible to store enough; you should consider purchasing a water purifier. You can get a simple and cheap water purifier on Amazon.

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5.    Stick to your checklist

It is essential to stick to your checklist. This will ensure you minimize the chances of buying unnecessary items or even buying a single item twice. It can be tempting to find other items and want to buy them. However, deviating from your planned list will cost you.

There are many resources on the internet (while we still have it) that can help you put together the ultimate prepper checklist. One example is this workbook.

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6. Learn basic survival skills

Even after having all the necessities needed to survive, it is essential to have some basic survival knowledge. You can read various types of survival materials online.

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If you love movies, you can catch your favorite survival shows The 100 or The Walking Dead, and much more on Amazon Prime.

7. Take time to train

Instead of spending so much on knowledge acquisition and buying products, it is essential to practice more. You can plan to go camping on a small budget and try to survive.

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Stay until you are out of food and water, then train on how you can hunt and gather edible vegetables should you finds yourself in such a scenario. Practice your learned survival skills and see how far you can survive.

8. Get in shape

It is time to start jogging or walking more if you have not been doing so. Take at least 30 minutes of your busy schedule to do some filters and healthy activities.

If your job is a walking distance away, try walking after work instead of driving or catching a bus.

9.    Be aware

It is essential to be aware of changes in your surrounding environment. Keep yourself in the loop of what goes on by reading gazettes and watching the news daily.


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For instance, you can watch NBC news on Amazon Prime at any time. This will ensure you are not caught off guard, and you have enough time to prepare and get the most affordable products.

10.  Find a high-quality bug-out location.

If you need to minimize your spending, you need to in a place where you have easy access to wild food. A location with small green vegetation, a river, or a lake is a great choice to go by.

If you run out of essentials, you can hunt, fish, or gather fresh fruits and vegetables from the surrounding. Also, you get to purify water and get enough to drink for everyone.

11. Prepare a bug-out bag.

Now that you bought all the essentials, it is time to prepare for your bug-out bag. Be ready to take off should a disaster strike your location with a bug-out bag. It usually contains a minimum of 72 hours of necessities. The bag is not meant to keep you surviving for long but a few days until you get help.

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With these tips, you are assured of prepping on a budget. The basic essential steps involve preparing a list of essentials and budgeting on each item by conducting window shopping to decide the affordable price of each item. Next time you are prepping, follow these tips, and you will be amazed at how much you will save.