Top pull-through knife sharpeners to get

The pull through knife sharpener never receives the love it deserves within the knife guru circles. The mechanism is simple and inexpensive but an excellent choice for the average individual who would rather spend their prep time and money on something else. It is always recommended to keep at least one of these tools within your emergency supply kit, just in case.

If you are not a knife nerd and have no plans to become one then just purchase one of these pull-through knife sharpeners, give it a whirl with your dull knives, and you’re done.

Keep reading to learn more about the best pull-through knife sharpener models available!

A Cheap Classic

If you are reading this, you are unlikely a knife enthusiast, so you want an inexpensive yet effective pull-through knife sharpener. The best of the best that won’t break your wallet is Smith’s CCKS. It is the top budget option under $5 and, while your knife friends won’t be impressed, it can put a nice edge on any blade when necessary.

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Coming in at just $4, Smith’s CCKS is good enough for basic use so it is the first and only pull-through knife sharpener that you may buy. It has similar notches as others in the market only in a stripped-down and less expensive presentation.

For money and time, non-knife enthusiasts invest in getting a ridiculously sharp edge, you can get this good-enough-for-basic-use option at a fraction of the cost of other sharpeners.

Best for the Average Joe

While Smith’s CCKS $4 option can't be beaten at price, for just $9, you can tout. Smith’s Smith's Abrasives PP1 hunting knife-sharpener is one of the most reputable pull-through knife sharpener brands on the market and this workhorse boasts a carbide notch for edge sharpening and re-profiling as well as a ceramic notch for touching up or finishing the edge.

Additionally, this effective tool has a diamond-impregnated rod to sharpen serrated blades.

pull through knife sharpener
Smith's Abrasives PP1 hunting-knife-sharpeners , Gray , 3.5

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The teeth in the sharpening notch can easily be replaced. However, if you are using this mechanism so much that you need to replace the teeth then you should learn more advanced techniques or upgrade your model.

An Upgraded Option

This brings us to the upgraded option that offers more features Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal and a higher price. Considered a high-end pull-through knife sharpener, the Redi Edge 40 Tactical Pro was designed for U.S. Army Rangers, so it is full of features and is exceptionally durable.

With a 40-degree blade edge angle, this pull-through knife sharpener is in the sweet spot for knives.


survival knife sharpener

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While this model is like the Pocket Pal, the form of the Redi Edge can be used as a ceramic stone to finish work along the edge, whereas other sharpeners have a second ceramic notch. To improve performance and effectiveness, you can purchase the $40 Redi Edge Tactical Pro Set that has 30, 40, and 60-degree tools.

Remember, a narrow angle is ideal for cutting while a wider angle is best for chopping.

The Classic Sharpener

The Brod & Taylor Classic Sharpener is one of the most unique products available. Featuring two spring-action bars, each with a bar of tungsten carbide that forms a ‘V’ for different angles, this classic sharpener determines the angle of the edge based on your hand position. It is also small enough to fit in your pocket.

A knife tip down will provide coarse shaping while a knife tip-up smooths the beveled edge. This knife sharpener also allows you to sharpen serrated knives by simply using a single side of the ‘V.’

Brod & Taylor Pocket Knife Sharpener Dual-Action Austrian Tungsten CarbideBuy the Brod & Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener Here

Once you get a feel for the carbide bars doing the work, it is a simple mechanism to control, and it feels much gentler on knives than the typical slotted pull-through options with angled wheels.

For those looking to sharpen longer knives, you may experience the tip hitting the countertop so it is best to use it on the edge of the counter to ensure the blade can extend.

Best for your Hand

If you didn’t recognize this model as a pull-through knife sharpener, you’d be forgiven since it looks like an ice-scraper. This mechanism is an ergonomically-designed pull through knife sharpener and a solid unit. It can be used by left-handed or right-handed users and is a 3-stage sharpener so you can fine-tune all knives with a sharp edge.

The blades are automatically guided across the sharpening surface at the optimal angle, so you never need to worry about making a mistake.

pull through knife sharpener

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If you own ceramic knives, then this is a great choice since stage one is allocated for ceramic blades. The base features a non-slip cover to ensure your sharpener remains in place while doing the work. In any case, you want to keep a grip on the handle to avoid pivoting or slipping on the handle end.

A Multifunctional Dream

A two-stage knife sharpener is better than one and three is better than two so this four-stage option must be unbelievable! Well, this is a two-stage sharpener – two stages for 15-degree knives and two for 20-degree knives. Before you become disappointed, this gadget is incredibly useful and versatile.

Wüsthof - 2 Stage Hand-Held Sharpener (2922)Buy this Knife Sharpener Here

Having the ability to sharpen all steel knives in a single device is excellent. The two zones are clearly labeled and there is a transparent cover that slides over the section you aren’t using.

Best Professional Option

If you have a designer kitchen full of stainless steel appliances, then the Priority Chef Professional 2-Stage Knife Sharpener is an ideal match. You can leave it on the counter, and it looks so modern and sleek that it will blend in with your other hardware.

While this is a versatile sharpener for all knives, if you have several high-end cutting devices that you work with then this sharpener is up to the challenge.

PriorityChef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives, 2-Stage Diamond Coated Wheel System, Sharpens Dull Knives Quickly, Safe and Easy to Use

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Like many pull-through knife sharpeners, the Priority Chef features a two-stage unit that sits on the counter. You simply grip the handle and pull the knife through a few times then shift it to the grit slot.

The feature that makes this a professional option is the diamond-coated sharpening surface which is an ultra-hard surface that is perfect for adding a sharp edge to your best knives without a fuss.

In conclusion: If you love precision and control, then a pull-through knife sharpener is our best choice. Although it is manual, you can maximize the sharpness and have better control over the angle than other types of knife sharpeners.

You can’t go wrong with any of these knife sharpeners, but it is best to understand options that fit your budget, your intended use, and frequency of use, before committing to a model.

Happy shopping!