Survival Axe And Hatchet – Know What’s Right For You

There are several tools that can be useful for a variety of survival functions. A survival tool can help you with defending yourself, starting a fire, fashioning new weapons or tools, building a shelter, or several other types of useful functions.

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing the ideal survival tool for your needs. Having the right tool can be the difference between life and death.

It is also important to know how to use the tool. This article focuses on survival hatchets and axes as tools for survival.

As a general role, it is recommended that you only buy a survival axe or hatchet from reputed and reliable brands that are known to make high-quality and reliable products.  

What Is A Survival Axe?

Axes are a versatile and multi-function tool and can be extremely useful in a survivalist situation. They are efficient and effective. With a minimum level of force, they can deliver maximum impact.

An ideal survival axe should be able to do more than just chopping, it should be able to do fine work such as carve or shave. This can be achieved by changing how you hold the tool.

Rather than holding it by the handle, you can hold it close to the blade for improved dexterity.

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The quality of the tool is as important as choosing the correct tool for the job. There are different types of axes, and each type is going to have a speciality.

Most types of axes are great to work on wood, and might not be as effective on metal unless you have a specialized axe designed for metal use.

For example, a splitting axe is great for splitting logs for firewood, whereas a carpenter’s axe is ideal for shaping wood.

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When it comes to survival, you probably will not have the chance of carrying multiple types of axes. Therefore, you would pick a versatile axe and something you are comfortable using.

An important factor to consider is the environment that one is in. It is common to imagine a survival environment to be in the woods, but you might need a survival tool in the city. A camper's axe is a great all-around survival axe due to its make material (steel) and durability.

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It is heavy, which is important for impact but there is a trade-off with portability. With this type of tool, you can be a skilled or unskilled user, and still get the job done for most types of functions for the axe.

What is a survival hatchet?

A survival hatchet is a smaller version of the survival axe. The metal head of the hatchet differentiates it from the axe. A hatchet is designed with a hammer on the backside, giving it more functionality.

A survival hatchet is typically less than 16 inches in overall length and weighs less than 3 lbs. There are no specific standards for size or weight for what can be classified as a hatchet. In general, hatchets are small, light, and short.

The head of the hatchet is a critical factor in the overall quality of the tool. The hatchet should be cut well. As it's smaller in size,  it does not have the same power as a large axe but tends to have a sharper blade. 

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There needs to be a good balance between sharpness and thickness. The shorter handle of the hatchet reduced the force and speed of impact.

You might want to get a hatchet that has a longer handle if you want more impact. One of the most robust and practical materials for the handle of the hatchet is fibreglass with rubber grips.

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The three basic uses of the hatchet are chopping, splitting, and carving. Using a proper technique is also important when it comes to using the hatchet.

A hatchet is a great tool for chopping small trees. The splitting function will be useful for kindling a fire.

For splitting, a hatchet might work better if you use it while sitting or on your knees compared to using it while standing. For carving, a hatchet can allow you to have more control.

 Axe vs hatchet for survival

The key differentiator in comparing the two tools is the environment in which they will be used. For survival purposes, it can be difficult to predict the environment.

However, you can equip yourself with knowledge on the similarities and differences between the two, so you are better prepared to buy or use an axe or hatchet for survival.

Comparing an axe and hatchet for survival can be tricky. Both these tools offer advantages and disadvantages. There are some basic differences such as size and weight.

With an axe, you will be able to deliver more power, but you might compromise on portability and dexterity.

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For self-defence, the regular-sized axe is a more formidable tool, given that you are strong enough to wield an axe.

In most cases, the axe is designed to be used with two hands. The hatchet does offer more agility for self-defence and allows your other hand to be free. There is also less of a backswing required with an axe.

Another key difference between the two is the hammerhead on the hatchet. The hammer provides extra functionality such as driving a nail into wood. The axe is not designed for hammering function, and using it for repeated hammer strikes can cause permanent damage to the axe.

A hatchet can be useful to complete tasks that would require a knife such as preparing meat or carving sticks.

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Although a hatchet is a step-up from a utility knife for many functions, there doesn’t need to be a trade-off as a utility knife is not too heavy, and can be easily carried with an axe or hatchet.

The portability of a hatchet makes it more practical to be carried in a bag or stowed in the car.

In conclusion, the axe and hatchet are both excellent survival tools that will allow you to complete a variety of tasks. You should get yourself familiar with how to use these tools and only buy a high-quality product.