Do You Really Need a Survival Watch When SHTF?

To answer in a word, yes. Survive, don't give in, and fight. A survival watch serves as a guide to figuring things out when the SHTF. There are many good survival watch brands on the market through Amazon. They are some of the most durable, military-grade watches to get you through every single survival situation.

survival watch
Survival Watch 16 in 1 Multifunctional Water Resistant Survival Tactical Emergency Bracelet Hiking Camping Kit Military Grade Paracord Fire Starter Compass Whistle

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Here are three of the best five-star survival watches on Amazon and some fundamental elements of each.

Luminox Bear Grylls Men's Watch — Survival Master Series — 3749

One of the most recognizable brands in outdoor and survival gear, Bear Grylls is an expert when navigating the most treacherous landscapes on earth. Luminox has a long-standing partnership with Bear Grylls, and this watch is one of the first watches to be designed, developed, and released by them.

survival watch
Luminox Bear Grylls Mens Watch Survival Master Series – 3749: 45mm Black/Orange Stainless Steel Swiss Made 300 M Water Resistance

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Luminox has a motto – Every Second Counts. It blends nicely with the Bear Grylls motto – Never Give Up. Simply put, this watch is designed and crafted to help you survive. This watch has an SOS in Morse code and is water-resistant to 300 meters.

Technical specifications:
  • Chronograph date function
  • Quartz movements
  • Size of case: 45.00 mm
  • Case material is CARBONOX
  • Case bezel has Uni-directional rotating
  • Case back has a stainless-steel screw-in
  • Crown: stainless steel screw-down
  • Water-resistance to 300m / 1000ft / 30atm
  • Glass material with a Sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating
  • The strap is orange rubber
  • Case height of 14 mm
  • Weight is 98g
  • Bezel LLT is orange
  • Dial on LLT 12H is orange
  • Dial on LLT 1-11H is green
  • Hour hand on LLT is green
  • Minute hand LLT is orange
  • Illumination has night vision tubes, good for 25 years

An Amazon purchaser has this to say about this survival watch (paraphrased):

“Just as I expected, strong, light, and elegant. Good value for the money. It will last a lifetime. I love Luminox, the Navy SEAL line, and Bear Grylls”.

Casio Men's Quartz G-Shock Watch — Model: GWM5610-1

This model is solar, with multi-band six atomic timekeeping technology contained in a thin octagonal case. Non-stop solar power offers energy through a small solar panel that is combined with a large-capacity rechargeable battery, enabling various energy-hungry functions to operate smoothly.

Casio Men's G-SHOCK Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 16.6 (Model: GW-M530A-1CR)

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Technical specifications:
  • Imported or made in the USA
  • A casual watch that has multiple functions
  • Has multi-band atomic timekeeping ability
  • Is shock resistant
  • Has an EL backlight
  • Keeps world time, including 48 cities and 29 time zones
  • Has a city code display
  • Has four daily alarms, with a snooze feature
  • 1/100 second stopwatch included
  • Has a countdown timer
  • Fully automatic calendar
  • A battery indicator
  • Has a power-saving function
  • Auto light function turns off or on by holding the light button down and turning the wrist at a 40-degree angle towards the user in a dark environment
  • Ten months approximate battery life on a full charge without further exposure to light
  • Time calibration radio signals are received, keeping the display time accurate
  • Water-resistant to 200 m, or 660 ft. Suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports. Not suitable for scuba diving
  • The auto light feature will not work if the battery level falls below medium, marked as “M” on the face of the watch
  • Black resin band with a neutral face

An owner of this survival watch said this about it:

As a long-time G-Shock owner, I have been drawn to only round case models. After taking the plunge with this square case, I am absolutely delighted with this watch. It is not very flashy and has a nerdy charm of its own. No one will compliment you on it, but that is part of being a G-Shock fan. I regret having taken so long to come around to the “square side,” but I can most highly recommend this watch.”

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

The Rangeman, the newest addition to the rugged Master of G series watches that are designed and engineered to stand up to the most grueling conditions. The Rangeman has a triple sensor that is shock-resistant, making it able to keep barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, and direction readings at your fingertips.


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Cylindrical buttons provide outstanding operation and improved impact resistance. The sensor button, which is frequently used, has a metal cover that protects it against lateral impact, keeping debris out. Press the button while in any mode, and it will take you to the sensor screen.

Every sensor mode has an audible tone, so you know which mode you are entering without looking at the watch. All of this, in addition to sunrise and sunset data, time recording and elapsed time measurements with one-touch, G-Shock durability and toughness, and more.

The watch has a black resin band, a black face, with red accents on the dial and the side button.

Technical specifications:
  • Tough solar power
  • Shock resistant
  • Mud resistant buttons and case are sealed to prevent mud, dirt, and debris from entering the watch
  • Water-resistant to 200M
  • Low-temperature resistance to -10C / 14F
  • Triple sensor with direct access button
  • Up to 40 records memory capacity, has shared storage with date and time and has barometric pressure and temperature records

An owner of the G-Shock Rangeman has this to say about it:

I was pleased with how the watch looks in person. One of the best features of this watch is the sunset and sunrise times. It has been completely accurate. The watch's durability tells me it will last many years. This watch is bulletproof. My solar battery life charge indicator has never been off full charge since purchase. It works the same as when I first got it. I could not be happier. I love this watch!”

If you are a survivalist and need to feel the assurance that having a survival watch can provide, you can be sure that any one of these three watches would serve you well while on your adventures. If the SHTF, you will be prepared. All you need to do is read the reviews of these watches to know you couldn't go wrong with any of them.