These 5 Might Be the Best SHTF Vehicle Options (Reasons Inside)

A responsible person should always anticipate a survival situation while on the road. While a variety of cars are great at their work, some are better than others. If you are searching for the best SHTF vehicle, you will get confused with the wide varieties available to choose from.

However, to save you time and help make the right decision, we have compiled a list of the top five best SHFT vehicles. Before diving into the specific SHFT vehicles, let’s first examine things to look for when choosing a SHFT car.

Six Things to Look Out For When Selecting The Best SHFT Vehicle

  • Low maintenance cost: An easy-to-fix vehicle is an excellent choice as the user can quickly fix it when it breaks down. There is no need to cough extra cash for a mechanic. A low-maintenance vehicle means one whose spare parts are readily available. It should also have limited electrics
  • Large space: While most of the family vehicles have been built with enough space, it is essential to ensure your survival car has extra space. You might meet with people who need your assistance in a survival situation and emerge as heroes by saving the day. You might also need additional supplies, especially water and food.
  • Fuel efficiency: A good SHFT vehicle should have a large fuel tank that does not require refueling now and then. This is because while venturing into the unknown, there is probably no refilling stations, and if there is, they are miles apart. Being stuck for days and weeks waiting for help that you are not sure will come in the wilderness because your car runs out of gas is something you would not wish for. In addition to a large fuel tank, it should be a low gas consumer car. Heavy consumers will milk the dank dry in a matter of few miles onto the road.
  • Speed and mileage: We do not mean that the vehicle should have the rate of a safari rally, but it should not be slow. Also, it should be a long-distance vehicle traveling at a speed of not less than 60km/hour. Mercedes-Benz is known to have excellent speed and an excellent fit for a survival situation.
  • All-terrain: When planning for an outdoor venture, there is a possibility that you will be required to go off the road. At that particular moment, you are not sure of the terrains you are likely to encounter. Thus, the best SHFT vehicle should be able to cross all types of terrains while still weighed on top. A vehicle capable of traversing various terrain environments should be your primary concern. Humvee is an excellent example of such a vehicle and is available on Amazon at an affordable price.
  • Noise: A noisy car is something you would want for your adventure. While sports are loud, you can also find long-distance vehicles like the Mercedes can be an excellent choice. If your car can be heard in a distance of about 5 miles can be a perfect way for rescuers to find your location if you are lost.

Five Best SHFT Vehicles

  1. Humvee

This type of military service vehicle has never been disappointed in terms of space and hauling power. The 1998 to 2001 Humvee model can serve you right and at an affordable price. However, for an ex-military model, you need about $20,000 to $30,000.

best shtf vehicle

The fuel consumption is excellent. A 2006 model has a fuel tank capacity of 3.5 L and consumes about 14mpg in the city and 18mpg on the highway. Its strong wheels make it an all-terrain vehicle.

2. Toyota Tacoma

This is another suitable vehicle for your outdoor activities. It is a power-based vehicle, meaning it can carry heavy loads for your outdoors and maneuver around all terrains, even the difficult ones. Compared to 4Runner, this car costs several dollars cheaper.

best shtf vehicle

Fuel efficiency is another significant aspect of this vehicle. It has a fuel system of 19mpg in the city and 24mpg for highways.

3. Ford 4×4 F-series

The Ford 4×4 F-series vehicles are all known to have good power, space, and excellent functionality. It is, therefore, a safe vehicle for a family planning for an outdoor adventure. Besides, they are reliable and fuel-efficient.

best shtf vehicle
Ford F Series

Other excellent features include being large to accommodate a family, strong and powerful, and affordable. Besides, the family trunk is large enough to pack up jerry cans, among other tools. The fuel used for an F150 5L is 15mpg in the city and 22mpg on the highway.

All three models can be found in various online auction stores and on Amazon.

4. Jeep

The Jeep Wrangler series is a customized 4×4 vehicle for everyday driving. It is suitable to drive in the city or urban settings and the wilderness. It has excellent features that make it ideal for outdoor activities. This jeep has a large storage capacity to pack a lot of luggage and gears. Ample space allows one to refill supplies and carry all the necessary tools without forgoing one of them due to space.

best shtf vehicle
Jeep Wrangler

It is a strong-wheeled vehicle capable of carrying heavy loads. It has excellent fuel usage minimizing the need for refueling every few miles. The fuel usage for a 2014 3.6L model is 17mpg around the city and urban settings, while on highways, it is about 21mpg.

5. Mercedes G-Wagon

This vehicle is a beast and is used by some militaries worldwide. There are several models of Mercedes G-Wagon. However, the more modern it is, the best it is suitable for urban settings. Thus, if you search for an outdoor adventure car capable of maneuvering even where there are no roads, go for an older model.

best shtf vehicle
Mercedes G Wagon

The classic 1980s and 1990s G-wagon are your best choice for adventure. They are simple models and have no electrics in the engine. This makes it easy to fix when it breaks down without the help of a mechanic.

The carrying capacity is for about seven persons. If you have a big family, this can be your best choice. They are highly customized for all environments making them capable of moving across any terrain.

However, it is more of a fuel guzzler. In the city, it can take about 13mpg and 14mpg on highways. Thus, if you choose the G-wagon, make sure the tank is full, and you have few jerry cans at the back.


It is essential to get the right vehicle if you are to pull through a survival scenario. While there are numerous options to choose from, some cars are more suitable than others. The best SHFT vehicle should be easy to repair, fuel efficiency, large capacity, all-terrain, and powerful.