Top 5 Window Locks for Civil Unrest Protection

The recent riots and looting in the US have raised serious concerns amongst homeowners about the safety of their property. Many homeowners suffered from vandalism, theft, and other dangerous situations due to civil unrest.

There is not much in the hands of the homeowners when it comes to civil unrest, but they can use some of the best products in the market to protect their homes from unlawful entry. There are different types of products that can help increase the safety of your home including CCTV, alarms, motion sensors, and more.

The windows of your home are especially vulnerable to a forced entry. Most homes have windows that are easy to force open or break-in from the outside. We recommend that you install security locks on the windows to add some protection from home intruders. These locks can be an inexpensive way to greatly improve the strength of your windows.

Defender Security U 9819 Sliding Window Security Locks, Economy, Aluminum,(Pack of 4)
Defender Security U 9819 Sliding Window Security Lock, Economy, Aluminum,(Pack of 4)

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A random intruder is likely going to skip your house if they find it difficult to get in through a window that can be easily opened. Breaking the glass is an option for the intruder but this can alert the neighbors and anyone passing by your house.

Types of windows

Different types of windows require a different style of locks. Most homes have one or two types of windows, so it likely that you will only need a single type of lock for all the windows of the house. However, before you buy locks, it is recommended you check the type of windows in your home and do some research on the type of lock that will match that window type.

The most common types include sliding, single-hung, or double-hung windows. These common types of windows are compatible with most locks. Here are some of the most common types of window locks:

Types of window locks

Sash locks

These types of locks offer some versatility as they can be used on different types of windows. A typical sash window lock comes with two pieces: a lock for the window frame and a lever.

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Whatever type of window lock you get, make sure all the residents of your house know how to open the lock in case there is an emergency that requires them to open it.

Pin locks

Pin locks can be used with slider, single-hung, or double-hung windows. Depending on how you install the pin lock, you can have multiple settings for the window opening.

Reese Towpower 7042100 Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock

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These types of locks do require drilling, so you need to be able to use a drill or get some assistance for installation.

Bar locks

A bar lock is designed to stop a slider or single-hung window from opening. Keep in mind that with a bar lock, you might not be able to fully open the window. This makes bar locks more suitable for windows that are rarely opened or during winter.

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The configuration of the bar lock allows it to be used with A/C units installed in windows.

Track locks

A track lock fits into the track of a slider window. This type of lock is very easy to install and requires no tools or modifications for the window.

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A track lock can be tightened or untightened using the screw.

Stop locks

A stock lock features a wedge designed to sit on the frame of the window. This type of window lock is mostly used on single or double-hung windows. The wedge can be moved to allow the window to be opened. Stop locks offer more versatility compared to other types of window locks and might be slightly higher priced.

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With an understanding of the types of windows and their locks, you can be better prepared to buy the right window lock for your needs.  Here are recommendations for the top 5 window locks.

1. Defender Security Lock U9819

The Defender Security Lock U9819 is built and finished from aluminum and designed for sliding windows. It allows the windows to be locked in a closed or ventilating position. This item is available for sale on Amazon and is currently one of Amazon’s best-selling window locks.

Defender Security U 9928 Keyed Sash Lock – Child-Proof Security Lock Only Unlocks With Key – For Aluminum, Vinyl or Wood Double-Hung Windows – 2” Hole Centers – Heavy-Duty Zinc Diecast Construction, White

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The price of this lock is unbeatable for the value it provides. The design is simple to install, does not require special tools, making it an easy DIY project to upgrade the security of the windows. The design does not require any modification to the windows and will not leave any marks on the window.

2. Burglabar 2 pieces set by Rishon Enterprises

Another best-selling window lock on Amazon, the Burglabar 2 piece set by Rishton Enterprises is designed to reinforce any type of sliding window. This product is constructed from LEXAN, a material specially designed for extra strength. The Burglabar features a self-locking hinge mechanism for added security.

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There are no tools needed to install the Burglabar. This product is made in Canada. It offers a shear strength of 300 to 450 lbs. If you are using it for a window, only one Burglabar is enough. For a sliding patio door, you should use 2 Burglabar locks.

3. Maxdot 4 pieces sliding window lock

The Maxdot sliding window lock is made from high-strength aluminum alloy designed for maximum strength. The screws are made from stainless steel. This product is available for sale on Amazon and has received positive reviews from users.

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A hex key is used to tighten or untighten the screw allowing the window to be open or locked.

4. Ideal Security BK112W Window Security Bar

This product is ideal for windows with an A/C unit installed. With over 4000 reviews on Amazon, this product has been extremely popular with Amazon users. There is an added advantage of the Ideal Security BK112W Window Security Bar is that it is visual from the outside making it a visual deterrent for the intruder.

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This lock is quick and easy to install and only needs screws or tape for installation.

5. Prime-Line F 2554 Window Sash Lock

For dash window locks, you should consider the Prime-Line F 2554. This product comes in white color and is available on Amazon. This product is a great fit for single and double-hung windows. It also comes with a cam action that draws the keeper tight allowing for secure locking. The latch of the Prime-Line F 2554 has anti-jimmy studs and the product also comes with alignment lugs.

Prime-Line F 2554 Window Sash Lock with Cam Action and Alignment Lugs, White Diecast

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The material used for the construction of Prime-Line F 2554 is die-cast, providing strength and durability.