7 Best Self-Defense Weapons You Can Keep In Your Bag

A portable self-defense weapon could be a life-saving tool. You can get attacked in your home, while taking a walk back from work, or anywhere else. There is no way to predict how or when you can be attacked. What you can do is to be ready by carrying the best self-defense weapons in your bag.

There are different types of self-defense tools, but the ideal weapon would be portable, safe, and effective. It would be something you are comfortable using and do not draw attention to.

7 best self-defense weapons you can carry in your bag

Stun Gun

A stun gun can be an extremely useful weapon for self-defense. Your attacker will get a jolt of current, enough to shock them, but non-lethal. A stun gun works by pulling the trigger, which passes current between the two metal prongs on the end of the stun gun. The current that passes through a stun gun is enough to incapacitate most attackers, giving you enough time to escape.

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If the attacker is carrying a weapon, the stun gun will likely cause them to drop the weapon. This might provide you with the opportunity to grab their weapon before they recover from the shock. Here is a rechargeable stun gun on Amazon. It comes with a lifetime warranty, non-slip rubber coating, and an LED flashlight. You can also use a concealed stun gun for an added surprise for the attacker.

Tactical Knife

A tactical knife that has a blade concealed in the handle is the ideal self-defense knife to carry in a bag. You can use a manual or spring-operated tactical knife. Here is a small but effective tactical knife by Kershaw Kapsule that offers a 2-inch blade, enough to scare or injure the attacker. It is a type of out-the-front (OTF) knife with a manual sliding mechanism.

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There is a button to secure the blade in the handle, offering you safety when not intending to use the weapon. The knife is a serious weapon and can be a major deterrent for an attacker. However, makes sure you know how to use it in case the attacker continues to assault you.

Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays have been a popular choice of self-defense tools as they are portable, affordable, and effective. Good quality pepper sprays, such as Mace Brand Triple Action Pepper Spray available on Amazon, will last for a year before they lose their effectiveness.  As is the case with most self-defense tools, if you can get a product that is concealed, it will add a surprise element to the weapon.

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To use the pepper spray, all you have to do is to point the mouth of the spray towards the attacker and press the trigger. For maximum effectiveness, you need to be within a few feet of the attacker. If the chemicals of the pepper spray get into the eyes of the attacker, they should be incapacitated for a while.

Most pepper spray products have been designed to be TSA compliant so you can pack them in your checked luggage for airline travel.


Self-Defense Ring

A self-defense ring looks like any ordinary ring, but it’s anything but ordinary. With a self-defense ring, your hands can become a formidable weapon. All you have to do is to close the fist, and the ring will release a small point, allowing you to inflict serious damage to your attacker.

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You don’t have always to keep wearing the self-defense ring, you can easily carry it with you in a bag and wear it only when you feel threatened.

Keychain Weapons

There are a variety of key chain weapons you can use as a self-defense tool. Keychain weapons that are concealed will be most effective in surprising the attacker. Check out the EIOUMAX self-defense keychain made from solid aluminum.

Other variations of the keychain weapon include knuckle dusters and hidden knife tools. Apart from keeping one in your bag, This item can also be a cool gift to give your loved ones.


Tasers are well known for being one the most commonly used non-lethal weapons by the police. They are similar to stun guns but offer more range and power. There are different types of Tasers, including some you can shoot from a distance. In this long-range Taser, you can reach up to 15 feet away.

All the states have Taser as a legal weapon for civilian use, you can check the state requirements of where you live to confirm if you can carry a Taser with you. Taser Pulse+ is a high-quality taser gun. It is available on Amazon and comes with 4 replacement cartridges and batteries. This lightweight and durable product is a powerful self-defense tool to carry in your bag.

Pepper Spray Gun

If you are looking for a self-defense tool that has the range of a Taser and the effectiveness of a pepper spray? You should consider carrying a pepper spray gun. The flare-gun type appearance of a pepper spray gun could be enough to deter the attacker from coming anywhere close to you.

The typical range of effeteness for a pepper spray gun is around 20 ft, giving you more than enough range to protect yourself from a threat. Make sure you practice using a pepper spray gun so that if you need to use it, you can be confident of hitting the bull’s eye.

Whether you decide on keeping a tactical knife or stun gun, you should spend some time practicing how to use the weapon. The sight of the weapon will be deterrent but you want to be prepared for the worst.

The best self-defense tool is going to be the tool you are most comfortable using.

It will also be something that suits your lifestyle and environment. If the range is not important to you, you can choose a more powerful self-defense tool for a close encounter. Keep in mind that you are not restricted to carrying only one weapon in your bag. If you feel the need, have enough space in the bag, and budget, you can carry more. Than one.