How to Use a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Tactical pens are multi-tools designed to assist the user in defending themselves when confronted with a dangerous situation. Survival situations are not predictable and, as such, being prepared all the time is essential. While not everyone is authorized to carry defensive weapons like guns, there is no restriction when purchasing tactical pens.

Unlike guns which can cause more harm, like killing the opponent, these pens are meant to neutralize the situation by causing minor injuries and in most situations, giving a window to flee or call for help.

Are you wondering how to use one? Keep on reading, to discover features, advantages, disadvantages, and most importantly, their usage.

Five Stages of Using A Tactical Pen For Self-Defence Effectively

Step 1: Avoid the situation

There are obvious situations that lead to the use of tactical pens. However, the best way to defend yourself is to avoid such situations. Besides, the goal of using a tactical pen for self-defense is not to cause major harm to the aggressor but cause minor injuries that keep them away from hurting you.

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Being street smart, using common sense and situational awareness goes a long way to ensure personal safety. For instance, it is common sense that one should avoid dark and lonely streets. In this way, there will be no need to use a tactical pen.

Step 2: Situation assessment

If you have avoided all possible situations that may present harm to you but still find yourself in need to protect yourself, you must assess the situation. Again your goal is to minimize the possibility of violence, and as such, it is essential to study the situation's atmosphere.

Can the situation be resolved by talking or complying? For instance, if you find yourself in the middle of a robbery, the best way to handle the situation is to comply with the robbers' demands.

Step 3: Understand your target

If you have tried neutralizing the situation without involving violence and have failed, it is time to develop a plan to use your tactical pen successfully. Take a quick look at the attacker and locate several vulnerable target points. There are plenty of weak spots you can target, such as the face, groin, ribs, and throat.

It is obvious that in a dangerous situation, you will stab areas within your reach. However, keep in mind the amount of pain you would inflict on the aggressor if you stabbed them with your pen right between the ribs or in the face.

Suppose the aggressor is out to harm you? Stab them at different points until you free yourself.

Step 4: Strike

Now that you know where to stab, it is time to strike. At this point, the goal is to injure the attacker enough to pave the way for you to free. The best thing when using a tactical pen for self-defense is that you do not need martial art training. You only need to strike hard and fast in the vulnerable areas to make your attacker leave you alone.

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It is best to strike as many times as possible until you are free. There are several tactical pens that you can use, and Smith & Wesson pen is an excellent tactical pen available on Amazon at a pocket-friendly price.

What techniques can you employ with a tactical pen for self-defense?

  • Use it like you would a sword or stick:

You can use the tactical pen as a striking weapon similar to a sword. Hold the pen firmly and strike hard and fast. In this way, the aggressor will suffer a great deal of pain, making them loosen up or pause, giving you ample time to flee.

  • Use the pen as a knife:

Turn your tactical pen upside down and attack the vulnerable areas. This will provide you with ample time to escape.

  • Breakthrough:

If you are being held against your wish in a house, room, or car with glass windows, you can use your tactical pen to break the glass and free yourself.

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Step 5: Run and call for help

If you have neutralized your attacker and have freed yourself, it is time to call out for help. Run as fast as you can while calling for help as loud as you can. By drawing attention to yourself, the possibilities of the attacker pursuing you are limited.

While drawing the attention of the bystanders, it is essential to try and call the police. The more people you call the hire, the chances of successfully freeing your attacker.

Features Of A Tactical Pen

Extra-sharp ballpoint:

Unlike the normal pen, tactical pens are fitted with extremely sharp pointers providing the user with the necessary protection against an attacker.

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A blunt end:

The pen has a blunt end allowing the user to break through barriers like a grass window

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It is made of strong aluminum material:

The pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, providing extra weight and firmness, keeping it steady. Also, the material makes it durable and firm enough to act as a weapon.

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Some tactical pens have extra features like lasers, handcuffs, and lights, among others.

Advantages of Tactical Pens


Tactical pens are made of high-quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum while the tip is reinforced with still.

They are legal:

Unlike other weapons like guns, which you must have a license to use and cannot carry around easily; tactical pens can be carried around in your pocket without having trouble with the law.


Some defensive weapons like knives and guns are not easy to carry around. However, a tactical pen is lightweight and easily fits in one's pocket, making it easy to carry around.

They are Multitasking Tools:

A tactical pen not only assists the user in writing but can be used to defend oneself against potential threats. Therefore, it is an excellent tool for a survivalist to have in their bang-out bag.

Their Ink is Refillable:

Most tactical pens like the can be refilled once the ink runs out. As such, you can keep on using it as a pen, even after other functionalities have been exhausted.Zebra Pen X-701 Tactical Ballpoint Pen with Bonus Refills, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Black Ink, 1-Count (29811)

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Disadvantages of Tactical Pens

Use requires proper targeting:

Using a tactical pen effectively requires one to target the vulnerable points of the aggressor.

Otherwise, if you target areas with heavy clothing, there will be no impact on the aggressor, and you will increase the chances of being assaulted more.

For effectiveness, use on target requires multiple hits:

If you only have a single shot, you might not injure the aggressor enough to free away. The best self-defense mechanism is avoidance. However, if that fails and you find yourself in a survival situation, your best luck for survival is having a defensive tool like a tactical pen.

The best thing is that they are small, and the aggressor might not notice it until you stab them. While they are meant to cause minor injuries, they might be the only thing that can save your life, but you need to use them effectively.