Top Universal Gas Masks to Prep for Any Emergency

If you are looking for the best prepper gas masks and filters, you are in the right place. It may seem ridiculous to prep for emergencies with gas masks as they are always associated with a doomsday prepper who anticipates a chemical or biological attack. However, an emergency gas mask can be used in fire outbursts, air-bone disease, or other natural or artificial disasters.

Emergency gas masks can be a lifesaver in situations with polluted air or airborne diseases. They don't have to cost you much, as you can get one on Amazon for $100 to $250. With numerous options available online, it can be challenging to get the right gas mask.

This article is designed to help you make the best gas mask purchase in the market.

Before diving into the top ten universal gas masks, let first look at various types of gas masks. There two primary types of prepper gas masks:

  • The air-purifying respirator, and
  • Full gas masks

Air-purifying respirator:

It is a type of prepper gas mask designed to cover only your noses and mouth. If you are looking for a cheap gas mask, and you are sure the anticipated risk will not affect your eyes, it is a great option to go by. It effectively purifies the air.

PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator Assembly Kit, Belt-Mounted with Back Pack(XLSFA6-HY01, 300 lpm)

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However, it is essential to have a gas mask that can protect the users from all forms of air pollution, even those impacting the eyes. This calls for the need for the second type of gas mask.

Full face mask:

As a prepper, you must consider this type of gas mask for full protection. With this gas mask, your eyes will also be protected, leaving no room for chemical exposure.

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Top Ten Best Universal Gas Masks To Prep For Any Emergency

MIRA Safety CM  7M Military grade gas mask

With MIRA Safety CM-7M, you are assured of full protection. It is the best chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear gas mask, and when used with sustainable filters and breathing apparatus, it provides maximum protection against all CBRN agents and toxins.

MIRA SAFETY M Certified CBRN Full Face Gas Mask Reusable Respirator Professional Grade (CM-6M Mask with Drinking System)

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The gas mask is m from high-quality materials; bromobutyl rubber. Therefore, this function makes it suitable for use in the temperature range of -300C to 700C. It has a viewing angle of 1800 and has a sweat wicking system.

MIRA Safety CM  6M CBRN full face respirator

The CM-6M tactical is arguably the best prep gas mask for its price today.  It is the most trusted by the American law enforcement and European military due to its durability and reliable performance.

They are crafted with butyl rubber construction to hypoallergenic inner masks, speech diaphragms, and an integrated hydration system.

prepper gas mask , emergency gas mask


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The major difference between CM-6M tactical and CM-7M is the design of the face shield. The CM-7M is equipped with eyelets, while the CM-6M tactical has a fully open face shield.

Dräger CDR 4500 – Military Grade Gas Mask

Are you shopping for an emergency gas mask that offers full protection? Dräger CDR 4500 is here for you.  Dräger CDR 4500 is designed to protect the user against chemical warfare agents (CWA).

prepper gas mask , emergency gas mask

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In addition to its use during emergencies, it can be used on a construction site. It is characterized by 180 degrees visor for full peripheral vision, compatible with NIOSH CBRN cap canisters.

Mestel SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask

This is another universally used gas mask that one can buy as a preparation for future emergencies.  It is also suitable for construction and recreational areas. It is made of lightweight material, ensuring one does not get tired of it during long-term use. Concerning efficient breathing, the two filters reduce breathing resistance.

MSA Full Face Ultra Elite CBRN Gas Mask 5-point Head Harness Medium P/N 10052781

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If you are searching for a simple and cost-effective gas mask, go for this model. Another advantage of this product is the availability of extra filters. Thus, one can easily change whenever the current one stops working effectively.

PD 101 N95 Gas Mask 

The PD 101 N95 Gas Mask provides the same level of protection as the previous emergency gas masks. As a quality full-face gas mask, it meets the N95 filter standard. Therefore, it is suitable for aviation-related issues and emergencies. If you are considering a multi-tasking gas mask and it is cost-effective, then this is the best option.

PD-101 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator – Full Manufacturer Warranty – ASTM Tested – Double Activated Charcoal Air filter – Industrial Grade Quality

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You can buy it on Amazon for less than $100. It is designed with high-quality silicone to ensure clean facial airtightness.

Avon M50 Mask

The US military commonly uses Avon M50 as their favorite nuclear gas mask. It is suitable for use in rugged conditions and even in nuclear fallout. Therefore, a rock-solid gas masks providing greater value. This makes it among the top tactical gas mask available in the world.

AVON Protection FM53 Mask with storage bag (not including filter)

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It has a unique design different from the other gas masks and is fitted with goggles for the eyes, a designed nose, and dual filters at the bottom. It is made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethanes material. It is available on amazon at a customer friendly price.

Respirator 400/3/SGE 1 Gas Mask

The SGE 1 gas mask is a high-quality product. It is a military NBC gas mask measuring 40mm. It is manufactured in the United States following NATO approval specifications. This full-face gas mask is compatible with three filter ports located at the sheen.

3M P100 Respirator Cartridge/Filter 60926, 1 Pair, Helps Protect Against Organic Vapors, Acid Gases, Ammonia Methylamine, Formaldehyde and Particulates

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It provides heat resistance up to 800 degrees Celsius.

DISKIN full face respirator military spec gas mask

The DISKIN full face is a CBRN emergency gas mask. It’s designed to fit 40mm Natio filter canister. It is fitted in with a mechanical speech membrane allowing the users to communicate while having their masks. Also, it is made of high-quality material and presents a unique design from other respirators.

Full Face Respirator Mask Gas Chemical dust paint Mask Respirators Safety Mask with Activated Carbon Filter

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You can get one of these products on amazon at a pocket-friendly price and remain with enough to buy extra filters. It is a trusted survival gear, and one should consider including it in the bug-out bag.

CM 2M Kids tactical gas mask

A good prepper should consider children's welfare while preparing for emergencies. The CM 2M kids' tactical respirator is the only full faces gas mask for kids CBRN approves. It is suitable for kids ranging between one and half years and fifteen years old.


prepper gas mask , emergency gas mask

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Children above the age of 15 years usually fit in the adult respirator. It comes with a standard speech diaphragm.

Holulo full face respirator/ gas mask

The Holulo full face respirator is made of high-quality silicone material increasing its durability. It is designed with an ultra-wide anti-fog mask. This allows the user always to see what is going on.

Holulo Full Face Large Size Respirator,Full Face Wide Field of View,Widely Used in Organic Vapor ,Paint spary, Painting,Woodworking(for 3M Respirator)

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It is lightweight allowing users to stay in it for an extended period comfortably. It is available on Amazon at a fair price.

While there are two types of gas masks, if you consider one that provides full protection regardless of the nature of the disaster, go for any of the above full-faced gas masks. They provide protection against all foreign agents like chemicals, biological, radiological, and nuclear fallout. After reading this article, I hope you will have an easy time selecting your suitable gas mask.