How to Meet Other Preppers

To those who are not familiar with the concept of prepping or do not know any preppers, this phenomenon might seem unusual, but it isn’t.  The concept of prepping has been there for a long time and there are several prepper communities and groups in different parts of the country.

A prepper is defined as someone who believes that they should actively prepare for an event in the future that can cause a severe shortage of food, supply, or result in some sort of danger to them or their family. Such events can include major power cuts, transportation breakdown, civil disobedience, war, natural disasters, military coup, or other types of catastrophic events.

The active preparation for such a catastrophic event can include stocking food, ammunition, and other supplies required to be self-sufficient. Becoming a prepper takes commitment and requires an investment of time and energy.  The good news is that if you are a prepper or want to become one, you are not alone. This article expounds on some ways through which you can meet other preppers.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding other preppers can be helpful as finding like-minded individuals can build a sense of community and belonging. For those who are new to prepping, finding other preppers can be extremely useful in getting credible information, knowledge, and tips to improve their prepping. Before you think of ways to reach out to other preppers, it is a good idea to understand different types of preppers so you can find the right fit for you.

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Types of Preppers

There are several types of preppers ranging from doomsday preppers who are fortifying their homes to start-up founders who are putting together an emergency fund for an imminent bankruptcy. There is also a lot of variation in the time frame of prepping. Some preppers are focused only on long-term prepping and would invest their time and energy into something long-lasting such as a developed self-sufficient food source in their backyard. On the other hand, there are short-term preppers who are stockpiling food in preparation for an expected shortage of food during a weather event.

A survivalist is someone similar to a prepper, but a survivalist is focused more on getting through a disaster. A prepper is more focused on being stationary and stocking up on canned foods and reinforcing their home security. There are also other types of preppers known as homesteaders, who are looking to become self-sufficient by growing food and keeping livestock at their homes. A common theme amongst different types of preppers is that supplies are of great value. Whether it is for long-term or short-term, supplies can be the difference between life and death.

It is also vital to understand the prepper group mentality if you want to be part of one. To a prepper, supplies are of great value as they can be the difference between life and death. Preppers are also very careful in who their trust and typically pay a lot of attention to detail. They might be very cautious about who they let into their circle or community as they are inherently risk-averse individuals. To learn more about preppers, you should consider reading  The Prepper’s Blueprint book- available on Amazon.

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You are more likely to form a connection with a prepper if you have similar goals and interests. Once you have figured out the type of preppers you are looking for, you can start forming a strategy to reach out to other preppers in the area to build your network.

How to Meet Other Preppers

There are different platforms and channels for you to reach out to other preppers depending on where you live and which platforms you are most comfortable using. One of the simplest ways to find other preppers in your area is to look for preppers online. Apart from the typical social media platforms such as Facebook, you should check MeetUp, American Prepper Network, and Prepper Link to find other preppers in your area.

A great advantage of these dedicated websites to prepping is that you can stay anonymous, which you will not be able to do using your social media profile to search for other preppers.

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If you are not able to find any groups online, you can always start a new group yourself. You might be amazed how quickly your group would grow, and you get to be the leader or organizer of the group. PrepperLink also offers a forum where you can seek guidance about prepping. The Americans Preppers Network can be joined by filling out an online application. Once you are part of the group, you can browse different meetups at different locations. The website also offers links to other online prepper forums for you to join.

Not everyone is comfortable or technical enough to use online platforms to reach out to other preppers. You can always look for other preppers in your community in places such as a church or a tactical gear retail store. After all, most preppers are going to be buying some kind of tactical gear so such retail stores might offer you information about local prepper groups or communities, and if you are lucky, you might meet some preppers at the store.

Be Careful Who You Meet

The unfortunate truth is that there are scammers and fake groups out there, so you need to be careful in your who meet when you are on the search to find like-minded individuals. Each case might be unique but there are some general guidelines to help you stay safe.

You should always meet in a public place, at least for the first time. It won’t hurt to keep a reliable self-defense weapon with you. A combo pack of pepper spray and a stun gun would be a good choice.  Do not provide any personal details including your home address, social security number, banking information, or other unnecessary details.

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If you are joining a group of preppers, make sure they are the sort of people you can trust during a catastrophic event. After all, a prepper truly believes that such an event is possible and they should be fully prepared to deal with it. Having the right people with you in a disaster can offer invaluable assistance.

Remember that meeting other preppers should not be difficult, but finding a good fit and cultivating a strong relationship will take time and effort.