Essential Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Items to Stockpile as a Prepper

When prepping for a survival situation, hygiene is one of the things that most peppers tend to overlook. It is not uncommon to find a prepper stocking heavy for foodstuffs but, forget to put enough sanitation items in.

Keep reading and discover the most essential hygiene items to stockpile, especially in survival situations or just when prepping for an unknown/predicted survival situation. This article contains well-detailed information on various sanitization items that you can include in your bug-out bag.

Essential Hygiene Items to Stockpile

Bathroom Products

A portable toilet

When prepping for a bug-out bag, how often do you remember to include enough portable toilets? In most cases, the prepper forgets to include this tool. If you are venturing into a camping site with heavy vegetation, you are probably hoping to make nature your toilet at some point. The danger to such acts is that you are likely to drink contaminated water once it rains and the waste is deposited into the river.

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Thus, to ensure your safety and those of others, consider stocking for a portable toilet like Camco 41549 Portable 5-Gallon Toilet Bucket. This product is available on Amazon and at an affordable price. The advantage of this toilet is that it has a seat and a lid. More so, it is lightweight, increasing its portability and its easiness of cleaning make it a suitable option for camping.

A composite toilet

If it is up to your pocket, a composting toilet can be a better option. An excellent example is Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet which is available on online stores like Amazon.

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Rapidly dissolving toilet paper is another bathroom product that you should consider stocking.

Waste Removal

Garbage bags

When prepping for a survival situation, you need to get ready with everything. A garbage bag is one of those hygiene items to stockpile. Keep the environment clean and protect yourself from possible contamination with Reli heavy-duty trash bags from Amazon.

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These heavy-duty trash bags are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It might be challenging to carry a whole pack of these bags as they are about 68 pieces; instead, ensure to stock enough during your outdoor adventures.

Composting system

A composting system does not only serve as a toilet but also as a waste removal item. As a result, it is an excellent hygiene item to stockpile. This nature’s head dry composting toilet is an excellent example of a hygiene item to stockpile. It is fitted with a hand crank agitator at the base for faster decomposition of waste products.

Disposable plastic gloves

It is essential to consider stockpiling some disposable plastic gloves. They can assist you with keeping your hands clean when handling waste materials. Also, they are excellent when handling foodstuffs, ensuring no contamination.

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Survival Hygiene

Soap and hand sanitizers

Other important hygiene items to stockpile are soap and/or hand sanitizer. Top notch hygiene should always be observed during survival situations because getting medical help in case of illness can be very chaotic. When prepping for a survival situation, how often do you remember to stockpile enough cleaning detergents? Hand sanitizers and soaps are excellent hygiene items to stockpile when prepping for a survival situation.

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Other body hygiene items include antibacterial cream and ointments. An antifungal cream can help treat ringworms, body itchiness, skin acne, and fungus, among other skin allergic conditions.  Consider stockpiling for adequate antifungal skin cream by ordering from online stores like Amazon.

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Toothpaste and toothbrushes are some more hygiene items to stockpile. Mouth hygiene is as essential as any other form of body hygiene. The last thing you want is to have bad breath and ultimately it results in a toothache.

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It is not uncommon to find a prepper having stocked everything and forgotten the toothpaste. Remember that body hygiene includes the mouth, too, so do not forget to stockpile enough toothpaste.

Cleaning supplies and bleach

When prepping for survival, how often do you remember to stockpile cleaning supplies and bleach? Possibly never, and if you do remember, you always put the small ones in. However, for your health and safety, you should ensure you pack enough cleaning tools. Besides, some of this cleaning equipment, like bleaches, can be used in water treatment.

Clean Water

When prepping, especially for outdoor survival, how much water do you stock? It is possible to survive for a long time without food, but one can last for only a few days without water. Thus, having enough water to sustain you throughout the process is essential for survival.

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Water filters

The last thing you want is to die of dehydration. Since you might be required to survive for a longer period than anticipated, it is suitable to have a portable filtration system. A water filtration system will ensure sustainable availability of clean water all through.

There are numerous portable water filtration systems available on the market. However, a Life-straw is an excellent portable Personal Water Filtering system available on Amazon at a pocket-friendly price.

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Water storage system

Apart from having filtration systems, having a water storage system can save you a lot of trouble finding water every time. The storage system can be used to store rain water or filtered water, saving you trouble from filtering every time you need clean water. There are numerous portable water storage tools available on the market. One of them is the Moose bag, a collapsible water container.

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Unlike other non-collapsible storage systems, the Moose bag makes it easy to carry around and does not occupy much space in your bug-out bag. If you prefer, a collapsible water container Moose bag is an excellent option, and you can find it on Amazon at a very affordable price.

Water purification chemicals

Water purification chemicals are another strategy that you can use to ensure a clean water supply. Some excellent water purification chemicals include purinize, bleach, and iodine. Such chemicals are readily available, and you can find them in online stores like Amazon.

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Bottom Line

Prepping a bug-out bag can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring that everything is included. More so, personal hygiene and sanitization items are always overlooked. However, these items are as essential as foodstuffs and medical supplies, and protective equipment. Thus, consider including hygiene items in your list of food and medical supplies when prepping for a survival scenario.

The above discussed are some of the hygiene products that you should not overlook henceforth. Consider including as many hygiene items as your bug-out bag can hold.