Are Peanut Lighters Any Good? A Review and Alternatives

The discovery of fire is probably one of the best things to happen to humankind. It puts us at new heights in terms of survival. Essentially, fire is a necessary part of our lives.

When it comes to serving emergencies, its importance can never be an exaggeration. If you have ever spent a day or two out in the wild, you can 100% agree why a reliable lighter is an essential item to have with you.

But survival lighters are not the same. Some are very reliable, while others aren't just good enough.

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Peanut Lighters- Review

Peanut lighters are some of the best survival lighters out there. Zippo-type and Peanuts lighters both have similar features like flint striker wheel and wick.

Having a reliable lighter means starts a fire instantly. While some lighter needs to be refilled every few days or fail to work in unfavorable conditions, the Peanut series addresses these concerns in a small package that works with your budget.

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The Best Peanut Lighters

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Survival Lighter

You'll need to think about what functions you need the survival lighter to perform. When choosing the best one for your needs, you will need to keep the following factors in mind:


First, you'll need to think about how you intend to use it. A good lighter must be able to light a fire in seconds, taking into consideration unexpected occurrences that are always bound to happen in emergencies. It must function in every situation.


Even the most experienced survivalist can never predict how the weather will be like out there. Your survival lighter has to work in snowstorms, heavy downpours, tornados. You name it.

Try to find the best lighter to hold up in such extreme weather. And if you can't choose one, it would be best to take a few different types with you. Just to be safe.

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Maratac Peanut XL Lighter Titanium MAR001

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Ease of use

Survival lighters are very easy to use. But there can be some difficulties in refilling them. Refilling a lighter needs precision because of its small size, and you have to refill carefully.

Also, consider choosing one that requires just one hand to start the fire, so you can handle other tasks while at it.


As earlier mentioned, the weather can be pretty unpredictable outdoors. It can rain anytime, leaving them nonfunctional unless it's waterproof.

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Water-resistant lighter

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Therefore, confirm the waterproof feature before buying your lighter.

Wind resistant

A stormy wind can always blow the flame, forcing you to ignite numerous times. Some survival lighters are extremely windproof so that you can ignite a fire quickly.

Direct flame

Be keen on this feature when choosing your lighter. A regular lighter won't work in bad weather conditions, but a survival light can. A direct flame is a great feature in emergency situations because the flame coming from the unit is torch-like.

This means you can flick on the switch without worrying about the weather at hand.


Survival lighters must be durable enough not to shatter when it falls to the ground. Always go for durability even it costs some extra bucks, so you won't have to struggle to safeguard it.


You will want a lighter that you can use for extended periods without worrying about refilling. While refillability is a good advantage, refilling is not a must-have.

Features, Pros, and Cons of Peanut Lighters

The lighters come in different sizes ranging from small to XL. The XL weight is about 80 grams when empty and about the length of lip balm.

A company called MARATAC, whose products are simply amazing, makes the Peanut XL series. So obviously, the quality and durability of this item are remarkable.

Once the cap is screwed on, you would find the seam with your eyes closed.

peanut lighters
Maratac Peanut XL Lighter Titanium MAR001

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Another feature that sets these lighters apart is the “candle” feature. Once you have ignited the lighter, you can set it down on a flat surface and be guaranteed that it will remain stable for the entire time you need it.

Another thing you will truly appreciate about peanut lighters is the O-ring that's engaged when the cap is screw down. The lighters are also relatively wind resistant. If you can cap the lighter in your hand, ignition is easy when the winds are low or moderate.

In addition, the lighters are incredibly durable. You only need to refill every few months. Refilling is also a breeze. What's more, they require active steps to ignite since you have to unscrew the cap.

This means you can't accidentally start a fire or empty the fuel unknowingly.

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They are light and durable

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They also have less environmental impact thanks to their durability. To top it off, they are waterproof, extremely easy to use, and the flame is easy to light anything else you want.

Peanut lighters' only downside is they are slower to ignite since you will have to unscrew the cap first. They also have no childproofing. They are also hard to direct the flame to a specific area. Fortunately, the cons don't affect their functionality or quality.

Here are the pros and cons in summary:

Easy to start No childproofing
Waterproof Slower to ignite
Durable Need to be refilled
Less environmental impact Hard to direct the flame to a specific area
Can be used as a candle

What are your alternatives?

Some other popular survival lighters alternatives to consider include:

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Nothing beats a reliable survival lighter during those outdoor periods. A good lighter will help you get by and make your outdoor experience enjoyable and memorable. A peanut lighter does just that. It has most of the necessary features and functions, and the two or three downsides won't affect your outdoor experience.