Best Bowie Knife to Get Online – and Top Ways to Spot a Bad Product

Nothing makes one feel safer during a survival situation than having the right gear and tools. It is always good to anticipate the worst when venturing into the unknown outdoors; the woods, lake, wilderness or mountains.

It is challenging to find the best bowie knife with all the numerous options. Keep reading to the end as this article will give you the six best bowie knives to choose from and how to spot a bad product. Before diving into the exclusive list, let's first examine the qualities of a good bowie knife.

Three Distinctive Features of a Quality Bowie Knife

  • A large blade: Usually, a good bowie knife should not be less than six inches.
  • A full-tang steel blade: A good bowie knife should have its blade extend to the full length of the knife. This reduces the chances of the knife breaking by the handle.
  • A wooden handle: This type of handle is excellent for its durability, beauty, feels and, most importantly, provides the user with a strong grip.Ka-Bar Becker Knife BK9 Combat Bowie , best bowie knifePurchase this Bowie Knife on Amazon

Five Top Ways to Spot A Bad Bowie Knife

  • It is a double-edged blade: A good survival knife should have a single-edged blade.
  • If it does not have a sharp pointed tip: A great survival knife should have a sharp pointed tip for butchering the play and fishing, among other survival functions. If it is rounded, hooked, or is of other shapes, it does not make the best survival knife.
  • It has a partial tang blade: A knife with partial tang is not the best for survival. For knives with sandwiched handles, it is easier to know if it is a full blade or partial or ask the seller.
  • Small blade: Despite how perfect a knife can is, if it measures less than five inches; it is not the best for your survival situation.
  • Weight: The best survival blade should be heavy. A light knife is easily breakable and that can never be a good risk to carry around.

Top Six Best Bowie Knife To Get Online

Ka-Bar Becker Bk9 Combat    

Ka-Bar Becker Bk9 has gained a positive reputation among combat personnel globally as one of the best bowie knives. It is known to have a fixed blade that is 9 inches long with an overall length of 11 inches, and weighs 1 pound.  The blade is made of stainless steel, increasing its durability.

Ka-Bar Becker Knife BK9 Combat Bowie , best bowie knife

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It comes with a leather sheath for safekeeping while not in use. All these features qualify it to be one of the best bowie knives. Besides, it has received 4.9 stars rating from Amazon customer reviews. You can find this knife on Amazon at a pocket-friendly price.

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw

This is bowie Knife another fixed blade quality and affordable knife you can find on Amazon. It is not only great for its chamming looks, but it's a perfect fit for a survival situation.It has a long full tang blade measuring 11 inches made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean.

Timber Rattler Bowie Knife (Western Outlaw Damascus)

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The handle is made of gray hardwood, increasing its classy appearance and providing a strong grip to the user. It weighs 2.4 pounds, making it good for survival scenarios. It comes with a leather sheath for easy carrying. Get yours today on Amazon and be fully set for your outdoor adventure.

United Cutlery UC 2863 Marine Force Recon

Are you interested in a large knife at an affordable price? The United Cutlery UC 2863, Marine Force Recon, may be just what you want. Be safe during your adventure by purchasing yours today on Amazon. It has distinctive features making it one of the best bowie knives that can be purchased online.  It has a full tang blade made of stainless steel and measures 11.5 inches long.

United Cutlery USMC Marine Force Recon Giant Bowie Knife and Sheath

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Despite its big size, it is relatively light as it weighs about 1.5 pounds. The handle is made of molded rubber, providing a firm grip to the hand. It comes with a nylon sheath for easier carrying while not in use. This provides an additional assurance that it is a great blade worth giving a shot.

Ridge Runner Executive knife

Would you like a knife that is both a combination of functionality and elegance? Go for ridge runner knife. It has excellent features that make it among the top six best bowie knives available online.

Executive Ridge Bowie Knife Wood Grips Trail Runner Elite Full Tang AUS-6 Steel

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It has a long fixed-blade measuring 6 inches made of stainless material. This feature increases its functionality and durability. The blade is very sharp and has a nylon sheath, which provides space for safe storage when not in use. Buy now on Amazon at an affordable price.

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider

This is another best American Bowie made commonly used in Special Forces. It is a tactical knife with full tang bland made of carbon steel providing additional durability and strength. The cutting blade measures about 9.75 inches and extends to a full length of 15.125 inches.

Ontario Knife Company 8684 SP10 Spec Plus Marine Raider, Fixed 9.75" Blade, Kraton Handle

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While it comes as sharp as a razor, there is no harm in sharpening it further to your liking. The blade is also coated with epoxy powder making it feel rough to the touch, but it is great for protecting it from corrosion. Looking for a special force-type bowie knife online? Buy yours today from amazon.

Buck Knife 124 Frontiersman Bowie

This one of the most underrated affordable knives there is in the market today. It has a fixed blade measuring 6.25 inches long and is made of high-quality 420HC steel material, which increases its durability and corrosion resistance. The handle measures about 5.5 inches making a total full length of 11.75 inches. The length of this knife is designed to provide additional strength to the blade's tip and enhance its durability.

Buck 124 Cross Draw Knife Sheath Made Out of Buffalo Hide Leather.

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It also comes with a tight sheath guard reducing the chances of getting injured while making it easy to carry around while not in use. If you are considering taking an outdoor adventure or you just want to stay ready for any survival situation, buy this knife online from Amazon.

There is no greater satisfaction than getting what you need easily. Stop scratching your head over the best bowie knife by choosing one of the above. The best this you can buy it online on Amazon and have it delivered to your premises.

While all the above six knives have the same functionality and strength, go for the right size and meet your budget. With these top few selected bowie knives, you can save browsing time and get exactly what you need.