7 Ways to Gather an All-Purpose Bug Out Bag on a Tight Budget

Finding yourself in a survival situation unprepared can be scary. While it is not easy to prepare for soothing, you are unsure it will happen; it is good to have basic products in one bag just in case.

Are you new to prepping? Possibly you are wondering what a bug-out bag is. Simply, it is a bag containing only the basic survival essential to last one for a few days if one finds themselves in a survival situation.

Also, when an emergency calls requiring one to vacate immediately, such as massive slides or floods, one must vacate the house faster without worrying about what to pack. A bug-out bag usually contains essentials like food, medicine, a first aid kit, water, a lighter, clothes, and sleeping gear. It is essential to avoid packing unnecessary things to ensure one has enough room for necessities.

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Is it possible to have a bug-out bag on a tight budget? Yes. It does not have to cost you a fortune to have the essentials in your bug-out bag. You can put it together using household products.

This article examines how one can put together a cheap bug out bag that includes all essentials.

1st Step: Consider what you need for a bug out bag

Given the numerous necessities, it is not possible to fit them in a single bug-out bag. It is essential to consider the type of emergency you are likely to encounter. Also, factor in the budget that you have set aside for these goods. Lastly, consider the number of days the disaster will last or the number of days you can survive before refilling.

2nd Step: Prepare and print a bug-out bag list

The list should contain the most necessities that one cannot survive without- keep in mind that you want an effective but cheap bug out bag. Things like food, water and first aid kit should occupy a larger portion of the bag than the clothes and sleeping bag, among others.  This entire list of essentials is available on Amazon for only a few bucks. Example: The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will cost you less than $50 on amazon.

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Remember that you are on a budget, so only include the most essential and where applicable, multipurpose tools. Here is an example of a cheap bug out bag list:

Checklist Shelter including a simple tent
Food (dry or canned food) All weather Lighter
Clean Water and portable water filtration system Flashlight
First aid kit including any medication Tools like survival knife, fishing rod, compass,
Clothes Long range communication devices like a dual walkie-talkie, portable stove, power bank etc.


3rd step: The bug out bag

After preparing a checklist and ascertaining everything you need is available, it is time to consider where to pack. A bug out bag should be large enough to accommodate all the essential products on your list.

If you have one it is time to put it into use. However, if you do not have one, Amazon has some durable, effective and cheap bug out bags. Consider something like Marmot Tactical Backpack MOLLE Backpack that will cost you around $30.

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If you prefer a rolling suitcase instead of a backpack, you can still get one on a budget, from Amazon.

4th Step: Buy things on the list

If you have never done any outdoors or faced with an emergency, you probably do not have much to pack.

Based on the order of priority, you will order those products from online stores like amazon.

Clothes: Go for the multiuse type of clothing. For instance, a t-shirt and simple pants can be used for sleeping and also stay with them during the day. Also, buy an all-weather sleeping bag like this one: Sleeping Bags for Adults Backpacking that goes for around $24 on Amazon.

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Based on the number of persons you can go for a larger cost-effective shelter like two-person tent.

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Foods: Grab canned food like Bush's Best Baked Beans, Pinto for only $20 on Amazon. Also, some dry snacks like crisps, hard candy and cookies among others. Generally, anything edible with a long life span without refrigeration is an excellent choice to go by and a butcher knife.

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Water: Carry large refillable water bottles with clean water. Using portable water filters you can refill your bottles whenever you get a chance.

First aid kit: If you do not have one you can buy Medical Kit First Aid Kit for a few dollars. It is small, increasing its suitability for perfectly fitting in the bag without occupying much space. Also, you can include some medications that you are using.

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Other essentials include soaps, toothbrush and toothpaste, utensils, wet wipes. Also, include a simple dust mask and a bandanna. Include some cash in case you run out of food while the situation is yet to resolve.

Carry a long range rechargeable communication device like Firward Updated Walkie Talkies that is available on amazon for less than $50. Also, include a USB cable, wall plag and power bank. Flashlight and some new pair of batteries are ideal.

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5th step: Additional products to have

After packing the backpack with the above essential, if there is still room for more stuff, you can consider including the following:

· Pen and notepad to write valuable information or memories

· A pocket knife for simple tasks

· Some cards to keep kill time, especially if you are in places with no electricity

· Umbrella and a raincoat

· Location and street maps are helpful where there are no phone signals if the phone is dead, and you need to know the directions.

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6th step: Pack the bug out bag

With your checklist at hand, start packing up all the things you have bought and available products. If an item has not been bought and no substitute for it, you have to purchase it, but if there is a substitute for it, there is no need to cough extra dollars.

7th Step: Zip it up and keep it close by

After ensuring the bug-out bag has everything you need, it is essential to keep it close. It can be in your back seat of the car or at the house. This will ensure you do not waste time when needed to vacate immediately due to life-threatening situations like storms and the likes.

There you have it! 7 easy-to-follow steps on how to put together a cheap bug out bag for your outdoor survival situation. It is the cheapest plan that you can ever have. It will assist you in getting the best and affordable bug-out bag items available on Amazon. If on a tight budget, consider these seven tips on gathering an affordable bug-out bag plan.