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Survival food and survival gardening. Learn everything you need to know about getting the calories you need to thrive in an out-of-control world.

lifeboat food

Top Lifeboat Food Options That Don’t Go Bad and Are Not Awful Tasting

Lifeboats are meant to keep you alive when an emergency occurs while onboard a ship. As such, the lifeboat offers the required necessities by...
most effective energy drinks

What Energy Drink Works Best? Bug Out Prepping Ideas

The world is always sitting on the edge of one disaster or another. This gives relevance to the preppers circles. While some people are...
foods with long shelf life

Top Long Shelf Life Foods for Emergencies (These Taste Above Average)

Even if a disaster is human-made or natural, no single person can survive without eating food. Such a case explains why people who live...
edible bugs

Top Edible Bugs in the US

When your survival is at stake, you need to be prepared to do anything to stay alive. In extreme cases, this could mean eating...
survival garden

Gardening in a Crisis: Survival Gardening 101 and What I am Planting

Perhaps the past year or so has inspired you to learn to garden. You may desire a vegetable or fruit garden or both. You...
survival garden

Creating a Survival Garden During a Pandemic

How many of us could have predicted the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? There is no telling if this pandemic will evolve...
best foods to stockpile

The Best Foods To Stockpile for Long Term Food Storage

Pre-COVID 19, most of us had never heard of or practiced the concept of stockpiling in a pandemic. Public educators have been trying to...
winter foraging

10+ Foods to Forage During Winter

If you have never engaged in winter foraging, do not feel like you are less of a survivalist because you are not alone. This...