Is ‘Tactical’ Survival Gear Worth its Money? Dispelling the Myths

When venturing into the great outdoors, you need to prepare yourself for any emergencies and for optimal survival. Preparation is absolutely necessary. You need good tactical survival gear that can handle weather changes while keeping you as comfortable as you would want them to be in weight and portability.

There is an array of tactical survival gear ranging from sleeping pods, sleeping bags, to ready-to-eat meals.

Importance of having good gear

Having tactical survival gear ready for any emergency or unprecedented disaster not only gives you higher chances of survival but also puts your mind at ease– just by being aware that you're ready for such situations. Being well prepared and having the right survival gear also gives you a lot of confidence during camping or extreme outdoor activities. Having a kit ready also saves you a lot of time when an emergency pops up.

Even though many are designed and made per military standards, they can be used by other individuals such as security guards, sportspeople, and scouts. They can also be used for both domestic and industrial purposes. You need a tactical survival gear kit that can be used in different survival scenarios- to avoid having an overhaul of gear.

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While stocking up on tactical gear, make sure to customize it to your needs or of those you are helping get ready for an emergency or survival situation.

The different types of tactical survival gear

Reebow Gear tactical backpack

It is a very durable bag made with high-density fabric. It is best recommended for an outdoor hiking adventure especially because of its 2.5-liter hydration bladder. Its price range is $35-$40. It is big enough to carry all the necessities for your camping trip or any other adventure. Click here to check this packpack out on amazon.

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The price is very affordable given that you would instead have everything in one big and comfortable bag than many small bags which may tear or get lost during your trip or in an airport.

Survival Blankets

It is a high-quality, reusable, and heavy-duty blanket that is also thermal reflective. A survival blanket can be used in all weather and recommended for both cars and camping. It is very versatile as it can also be used as a survival pack and many more. It is also very portable due to its lightweight even though it measures 5ft by 7ft.


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This blanket also comes in handy when you decide to spend a night in your car. Its water-resistant material ensures that you do not have to worry about the rain during your outdoor activity or on a camping trip in a forest. Do not overlook the importance of a survival blanket in your tactical survival gear kit. It is lifesaving. Check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

Camo Cargo pants

They are made of heavy-duty and breathable fabric and have numerous gear pockets for storage. They have a waist strap for adjustment of wait size. They have been reinforced with a double layer around the knee to ensure durability. These pants are mostly recommended for their long-lasting ability.

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They come in different sizes and colors. Their price range is between $80-$100. People use them for many camping trips due to the adjustable waist straps and the high durability fabrics used to make them.

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They also have more features, such as reinforced fabric pockets to prevent the wearing caused by the knife clip. These pants have a fixed waistband and articulated knees that are internal knee pad ready. Its reinforced design ensures enhanced mobility throughout the day.

Hiking Compass 

Another must-have in your tactical survival kit is a compass designed specifically for intense outdoor situations. These could include hiking, backpacking or even finding direction when lost in the woods or in a new environment. You, therefore, need a compass that is not only sturdy, waterproof and shake-proof, but also small and easy to carry around.

One good tried and tested compass is the Spotneer Military Lensatic Sighting Compass.

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While you can rely on GPS on your smart device, you could run out of charge or cellular network. Camping grounds have a tendency of having poor network reception. To avoid being stranded in unfamiliar surroundings, pack this handy compass in your survival tactical gear kit.

Medical survival kit 

Medical kits are essential when going hiking and camping. They contain several well-organized compartments labeled to ensure that you do not get mixed up during emergencies. A good medical kit is ideal for field tactical medics, police, military, combat lifesavers, first responders, and outdoor enthusiasts.

They are light and very portable to ensure that they can be carried in thick forests, high mountain tops, and down a canyon with ease.

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They ensure that you are prepared for any incident, even if you are have gone out solo. They include wound dressings, ethanol swabs, latex gloves, and insulin shots. Safety comes first, and you can never put a price on it. These are some of the most crucial tactical survival kits in any camping or hiking activity.

Pros Cons
They allow people to be efficient in their work. Some can be used for criminal activities, especially in the woods.
You will reduce the hardship that you would experience if you had none Some like the hunting rifle need training on how to use, upon purchase
These kits ensure that you are ready and well equipped for an intense activity.
Having medical kits will give peace of mind while hiking.
Safety kits will make it easier for the participant to respond to any emergencies.
Most of them can be lifesaving in an emergency medical, evacuation or any other survival situation.

Final thoughts

If you ask yourself if the tactical survival gear is worth their money, you should also ask if safety is worth it. Having good equipment is worth all the money since you get to have fun in the most comfortable and secure way. You are better off with than without them while on a camping trip.

tactical survival gear
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They are of very high quality and designed to last; thus, you only get to buy them once, and they serve you all the way. There has never been anything wrong with being safe in anything you set out to do. Getting yourself one the next time you go on camping is a decision you will never regret. Check out this kit here.