How Much to Bulletproof a Car – The Ultimate Safety Cost Breakdown

Are you planning to bulletproof your car, and are wondering how far you should go, as well as the cost? It all depends on two primary factors; your financial situation and how unsafe you are feeling. Some people bulletproof their windscreen and the doors only, while others do the whole car, including the wheels.

The type of vehicle and the areas to bulletproof determine the cost of bulletproofing your car. Roughly, bulletproofing a car costs between $40,000 and $100,000. Therefore, it is not easy to determine a standard car bulletproofing cost. This article explores options that help you to determine the cost and how much to bulletproof a car.

bulletproof a car
Bulletproofed Vehicle – Rezvani Motors


This is the most common area that is bulletproofed in a vehicle. What level of protection do you want on your windows? Bullet resistance glass thickness ranges between 0.25 and 3 inches.

Generally, vehicle bulletproofing levels range between level 2 and level 8. Level 2 can withstand fire from a larger caliber handgun and level 8 offers the highest level of protection and can withstand at least five shots from a 7.62mm rifle.

bulletproof a car

There is also a Level 1 classification but this is best suited for small businesses -such as for the cash register.

How to increase window protection
  • Polycarbonate and leaded glass: You can use polycarbonate and align it with your vehicle window creating a dense yet transparent window. This would be great for you if you like DIY projects. To make it thicker, you can add leaded glass on top to maximize the level of protection. This makes it more bulletproof.
bulletproof a car
Polycarbonate Panels

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  • One-way resistance glass: This glass protects from external forces other than bullets. As it is one-way, it can't be broken from the inside but can be broken from the inside. If your safety concern is not being shot at, but break-ins, this is an excellent choice.
vehicle window car security film
BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 8 Mil (30in X 12ft)

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  • Tempered glass: This is the cheapest option for bulletproofing your vehicle's windows. It provides protection from natural disasters like falling debris.

Depending on your car model, the cost of bulletproofing your windows ranges between $25 to $100 per square foot. If a professional installs it for you, charges range between $3000 and $5000, while higher level protection that uses polymer for instance, ranges between $15,000 and $20,000.

Doors/ body

This is another part of the car whose damage can result in a person being injured. Usually, doors are cut open to pave the way for various materials to be welded in. Based on how much security you would like in your car, you could reinforce your car doors with steel plates.

These plates are made from a combination of ballistic nylon and Kevlar.

ballistic nylon fabric
Black 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon Fabric – by The Yard

Similarly, the rest of the car body can be enhanced by the use of the same type of material.

Carbon Fiber/Yellow Kevlar Fabric Dogbone (I/H) Weave 3k/1500d 50″/127cm 5.96oz/202gsm – 50″ x 36″


If you are bulletproofing the whole car, you will realize that tires are the cheapest part to bulletproof. By taking this initiative, you are assured that no bullet or spikes will penetrate through, hindering your car from moving.

bulletproof car tire
Bulletproof Car Tire

Despite being cheap, they are usually part of the most targeted part as, without them, your mobility is hindered. In this case, while the bullet can penetrate, the primary goal is to ensure that mobility is not affected. The polymer material provides such stability.

The cost of bulletproofing your tires will heavily depend on the vehicle type. The run-flat tires cost between $200 and $900, usually 35 to 200% more protection than average tires. For example: if you want to buy run-flat tires for a truck whose ordinary tires costs between $200 each, you should expect to spend at least $350 per single tire. Thus, the overall cost of bulletproofing car tires ranges between $800 and $3,600.


If you are wondering whether it is necessary to bulletproof your car engine, the answer is yes. Just like any other part, the engine is venerable to bullet damage. The last thing you need is a bullet penetrating this part.

Are you aware that placing bulletproofing material on your engine can save your life? This procedure results in increased weight on the car, and that’s why the wheels should also be bulletproofed to provide support.

Black and Silver Car Engine

Unless you are a professional, bulletproofing your engine will require a trained hand. It takes a maximum of three days to make necessary alterations and be driven multiple times to test its effectiveness.

Based on the level of bulletproof protection you want, the cost of your engine upgrade can cost between $5500 and $11,000.


Having your car floor bulletproofed is as important as any other part of the car. This strategy ensures that your car does not burst into flames if a bomb or grenade is placed underneath. Do not allow this to be your fate; take action by protecting your car from the effect of explosives and fires.

A bomb blanket is made of heavy-duty nylon and a waterproof external cover. You can lay it below the usual car carpet or replace it altogether.

Bomb Blanket

Your car size determines the cost of car floor bulletproofing. The cost may range between $2000 and $5000 to have that bulletproof blanket made for your car.

Panel and gas tank

The last thing you would ever want to happen would be your gas tank blowing up. There numerous options available for the material suitable for maximum protection to the panels. Steel-plated armor is a great choice and can be installed on the front and the rear to provide maximum absorption of the impact. Kevlar and nylon are even better at providing maximum protection.

Truck Stainless Steel Chassis Armor Skid Plate Hollow Version

The gas tank is another essay target part of the car, and it is quite dangerous as it can lead to an instant explosion. Protecting this part involves using the same plates used in the panels and other parts of the vehicle.

The price differs based on the style of the panels that one decides. Therefore, the cost may range between $450 and $1000 per panel. However, for heavy-duty panels, the cost may appreciate to $1500 per panel.

Also, based on the gas tank selected and armoring material, the price may range between $2000 and $4500. Professional installation will cost you more.

In conclusion, you can only get the actual cost of bulletproofing your car after consulting with a professional. The common factors influencing the cost of armoring the car are its size, armoring material, and the model.

However, the overall cost of bulletproofing a car ranges between $16,000 and $50,000. You could also purchase a bulletproof car. However, this could turn out to be a very expensive project; up to $75,000 up to $100,000.

While bulletproofing your car is the safest way to protect the user during a survival scenario, it is essential to consider these costs. You can start small until you bulletproof the whole car. However, if money is not an issue, bulletproof the whole car at once.