Prepare for a Real-Life Purge

The purge is a commonly used plot in Hollywood movies and TV shows, but is it a likely scenario to prepare for in real life? If you are not familiar with a purge, it is a concept where the law is unable to be enforced and the citizens are let loose to do whatever they want without any consequences. Protesters can move in a large group or move randomly through the city.

The purge has happened in real life in different parts of the world. It happened in Brazil in 2017 for three days. It was complete anarchy and chaos resulting in robberies, murders, vandalism, injuries, and other awful things. A purge is not likely to happen in the United States, at least in the near future, but it is not impossible. It is better to be prepared than to hope it doesn’t happen.

Prepare for a Real-Life Purge

One of the most important things to do in preparation for a purge is to secure your home from intruders. The most common route into your house is through the door and windows, either breaking through it or just opening and entering. Each house is going to have its specific vulnerabilities, so it is a good idea to perform a thorough assessment of all the vulnerabilities of your house.

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As your first line of defense, try to fortify the exterior perimeter of your property. This could include installing a strong fence or gate as a major deterrent for the intruders. In some cases, garden landscapes such as tall and thick bushes can be a deterrent for intruders. It is common for intruders in such situations to move quickly from one property to the other, and not spend too much time forcing an entry into any single property.

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The initial deterrent can be a critical factor in keeping you and your family safe. You can further reinforce the exterior perimeter with high-quality cameras. Ideally, you want cameras that you can be viewed through your smartphone so no matter where you are hiding. The cameras can help identify the intruders once the unrest situation comes under control and law enforcement can track down the offenders. More importantly, the cameras can help deter intruders from entering the property.

You can secure your windows using heavy-duty locks. Depending on the type of windows you have, you can install a Defender Security Slider Window Lock. Other types of window locks include pin locks, bar locks, track locks, and stock locks. If you are not able to install a window lock or door lock yourself, you should seek the assistance of a professional to make sure the locks have been securely installed. An intruder alarm might not be ideal due to the nature of a purge where there is no law enforcement. The alarm might alert you of an intruder, but you won’t be able to get any help from law enforcement.

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If you have any sliding doors in the house, you can use the SecurityMan 2-in-1 adjustable sliding door lock available on Amazon. Make sure you reinforce the regular door locks with longer bolts, providing better security for the door. You can also use a device such as the DoorJammer Brace For Home Security as a more heavy-duty door stop.

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It is also a good idea to equip yourself with a self-defense tool or weapon depending on what you are comfortable using. Stock on non-perishable food items and daily essentials. It is hard to predict how long the purge will last and the impact it will have on the food supply chain. You have to become self-reliant in extreme situations such as a purge. There could be severe disruption of electricity and phone lines during such chaotic situations. You should have flashlights, lighters, and other types of handy tools in your purge survival kit.

What to Do During a Real-Life Purge?

Your priority should be to focus on protecting yourself and your family. Ideally, you want to avoid the purge by leaving the area, but it is risky as you can get stuck outdoors trying to escape the area. If you are not able to leave the area on time, it is better to stay at home. The protestors during a purge will likely target more affluent or wealthy areas of the city. Other common target areas could be transportation hubs and other public places. Your home is probably the safest place for you during the purge unless you live in a specific area or property that could be a major target for the protestors.
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Getting accurate and reliable intelligence about the purge or other types of civil unrest situations can help you secure yourself and your family on time. This information can also help you avoid certain areas of the city that are at higher risk. Social media might be a more unbiased source of information compared to media channels that may have vested interest in their reporting of such situations.

Generally, you would want to find out the size of the protest, the location or the direction in which protestors are moving, the motivation behind the purge, and the severity of the purge. The severity of the purge will help you decide if the protestors or intruders can be equipped with deadly weapons.

While at home, don’t draw any unnecessary attention. You can also try to further hide into the attic, basement, panic room, or other areas of the house that can provide extra safety from intruders. You might have to be in this area for a while, so it should not be too uncomfortable or suffocating for you and your family. Of importance as well is to be prepared with emergency food and water stocked up for you and your loved ones.

The most important step to surviving a purge is to make a plan, don’t panic, and be prepared to execute the plan if the purge happens. You have to remind yourself that the purge will not last forever, and for you to survive this purge you have to be mentally strong.