17 Mass Savings Tips for Ultralight Backpacking Gear

Reducing the weight of your backpacking gear can go a long way in allowing you to move faster and get less tired. This doesn’t mean you that should compromise on your survival and well-being by skipping essential items, but it does mean that you should be smart about what you carry with you. Carrying the right type and quality of ultralight backpacking gear can do trick.

Here are 17 tips to get you started on assembling your ultimate ultralight packing gear:

1. Use a Weighing Scale

You shouldn’t take the weighing scale with you, but it can help you weigh the items to help you strategically pack the right gear with you. You should get a weight scale that can measure in grams so you leave the body weight scales and get a smaller scale.

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2. Take an Ultralight Weight Bag

You can use a trash compactor bag instead of the backpack for the ultimate lightweight backpacking gear. Make sure you get a waterproof trash compactor that is able to withstand outdoor elements such as rain, snow, etc. there are also several backpack liners designed to be ultralight weight and robust.

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3. Drink at Water Source

One of the heaviest items in backpacking gear is water. You can try to avoid carrying water and only drink from the water source. This can be risky if you are not sure if there will be a drinkable water source available.

It is the weight of water that is heavy, and not the bottle itself, so getting a light water bottle might not have a major impact, but it does add up to the total weight. Take a collapsible water bottle with you to save maximum space and weight.SPECIAL MADE Collapsible Water Bottles Leakproof Valve Reuseable BPA Free Silicone Foldable Water Bottle for Gym Camping Hiking Travel Sports Lightweight Durable 20oz Grey

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4. Hiking Gloves

Hiking gloves are an essential part of your backpacking gear. They protect your hands from extreme weather and injuries. You can either go with a short finger glove or a full glove depending on your requirement and preferences.Vgo... 1-Pair Microfiber Half Finger Cycling Gloves, Hiking, Gym, Biking Gloves, High Dexterity, Breathable, Anti-Slip (Size XL, Gray, MF2510)

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5. Keep your Backpacking Gear Dry

Whether it is water from the morning dew, rain, or river, any water on the gear can add to the weight of the gear. Try to keep the gear dry by avoiding moisture and if does it get wet, lay the backpack in a dry spot with direct sunlight to let it dry.

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Certain backpacks are made from specialized materials ideal for keeping dry.

6. Use Rocks Instead of Stakes

You can use rocks to hold down your shelter. This can save you the space and weight of not carrying stakes with you. A key advantage of using rocks is that can work in a place where stakes are not able to penetrate the ground.

7. Use Trail Runners

You can ditch the regular trekking shoes for ultralightweight trail runners such as the North Face 111 Waterproof Hiking Shoes. These types of waterproof and durable runners will help you move faster, provide good support for the feet, and be sturdy enough to survive the tough outdoor environment.

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8. Dental Floss for Repairs

To mend your gear and clothes, keep dental floss in your backpacking gear. The dental floss is stronger than thread and weighs about the same.

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Dental floss can also be used to trying items or to set up a dry line.

9. Rab Phantom Pull-On

You need a waterproof, breathable, and lightweight jacket to provide you protection from the weather. For the ultimate ultralight pull-on, you can try using the Rab Phantom Pull-On. Rab is one of the leading manufacturers of technical fabric clothes.RAB Men's Phantom Pull-on - Acid - Medium

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10. Ultralight Sleeping Pads

Your backpacking gear will not be complete without an ultralight sleeping pad. For maximum weight and space-saving, you can go with an inflatable sleeping pad. They can be squished down to the size of a soda can, and when inflated with air, they provide a comfortable pad for sleeping.

For maximum weight savings, take a manual inflating sleeping pad rather than a self-inflating sleeping pad.

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11. Don’t Duplicate any Items

When you trying to save maximum weight and space, try not to carry a spare item for anything, unless you are sure you will need the spare item. To avoid carrying interchangeable or duplicate items, prepare a well-thought-out list ahead of your camping trip/ adventure/SHTF situation.

12. Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Depending on the nature of your outdoor adventure, you might need a backpacking tent. This can significant weight to your backpacking gear if you are not smart with your choice. You can consider using the Big Agnes Crazylight Backpacking Tent that can easily accommodate two people.

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13. Waterproof Lighter

Anyone who has spent time in the wilderness will appreciate the importance of being able to start a fire. You need to carry a reliable and robust lighter with you. Anything that has metal is going to add weight to your gear.

You can consider using the IcFun Waterproof Lighter. It is the perfect lightweight fire starter for all your outdoor trekking needs.

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14. Water Filtration Tool

Access to clean water is not guaranteed in the wild. You can carry a light water filtration tool with you. There are different brands and types of water filtration products available in the market.

One lightweight product that is received extremely positive reviews on Amazon is the RapidPure Personal Water Purifier Straw.

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15. Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are useful when walking down steel hills and help provide power when walking uphill.  Made from strong aircraft aluminum, the Trialbuddy Adjustable Trekking Poles is the ideal product to include in the ultralight backing gear.

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16. Multi-Purpose Bandana

A multi-purpose bandana can be used as a protective gear from direct sunlight, slow-drip coffee filter, cleaning rag, used for hanging delicate items from your backpack, handling a hot pot, and several other useful tasks.

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A multi-purpose bandana should not add much weight or space to your ultralight backpacking gear.

17. UltraLight Weight Knife

For the perfect knife to carry in your ultralight backpacking gear, you need a knife that is multi-purpose, reliable, and is not heavy or too large.

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A knife can be used for cutting threads, opening a can of food, and in desperate situations, it can be even be used as a self-defense tool.