The Complete Guide to Reinforcing Your Doors – Top Door Reinforcements to Get

Home invasions really happen – and not just in the movies. Over 80% of break-ins occur on the ground floor. Home residences are the main target of criminals, with 67% of the break-ins occurring in private residences and 57% involving forcible entry.

36% of unlawful entries are unforcedly occurring through unsecured doors. These include backyard doors and garage side doors. As they are alternative entry points, they are often overlooked when occupants leave the home. They are also less likely to be built with the same security level as a front entry door.

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So what can the average homeowner do to protect their home and property? Doorway reinforcement is an inexpensive and secure way to add the protection you and your family need and deserve.

Here are four of the top-selling door reinforcements on the Amazon website.

Defender Security Door Reinforcement Lock

This is a high-security lock constructed of extruded aluminum. It is designed to withstand up to 800 lbs. of force, making it impossible to defy from the exterior. The lock is spring-loaded, child-safe and tamper-resistant, and protects against unlawful entry by preventing lock picking and lock bumping while in the locked position.

Installation can be accomplished in minutes and can be used on a swing doorway regardless of thickness. Fasteners, which are included, anchor into the doorway jamb and studs.

Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock – Add Extra, High Security to your Home and Prevent Unauthorized Entry – 3” Stop, Aluminum Construction Finish

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To paraphrase an Amazon purchaser of this reinforcement:

“Most homeowners are clueless at how easily, quickly, and quietly the majority of key locks can be opened UNLAWFULLY. This offers a huge increase in security while at home. It resistS kicking in of doors. If mounted high, it discourages children from leaving home or letting in strangers. I have purchased many of these locks as gifts for friends and family members.”

Winonly Home Security Door Lock

The Winonly reinforcement security lock ensures the safety of your home.

This easy-open child-proof reinforcement lock has a 3″ stop metal construction that withstands 800 lbs. of force, 12 times stronger than a standard deadbolt, to protect against being kicked in. This lock is easy to install in less than five minutes. Use a power screwdriver and drill to mount the Winonly security lock to the door frame.

Winonly security door lock adds extra security measures for family members and prevents children from opening it to strangers.

Home Security Door Lock, Upgrade Easy Open Childproof Door Reinforcement Lock with 3" Stop Withstand 800 lbs for Inward Swinging Door, Nightlock Deadbolt Defend Your Home (Silver)

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The upgraded, easy-open design makes it easy to open in the case of an emergency. Not only does this lock prevent break-ins, but it is easy to open in the case of an emergency.

One purchaser of the product had this to say about it:

“I have this lock installed on the side door of my garage. It was tested when someone attempted to break in but couldn't because of the lock. It is easy to install and really stood up to a break-in attempt with pushing and kicking of the door. This lock worked great, and I definitely recommend it to everyone.”

Cranach Door Reinforcement Lock

This easy-to-install 3″ security lock withstands 800 lbs. of force for an inward swinging door. This lock is tamper-resistant and child-safe, preventing children from wandering out. Installs in minutes using hardened screws, with a 1/8” drill bit and screwdriver, making it impossible to open from the outside.

This lock is 12 times stronger than a standard deadbolt.

Door Reinforcement Lock ,3" Security Door Lock for Kids,Home Child Proof Door locks Withstand 800 lbs for Inward Swinging Door ,Easy to Install.

Purchase this Door Reinforcement Fixture on Amazon

An Amazon purchaser reviewed the product this way:

“I first saw this design on a hotel door and studied its construction. It uses leverage against itself if the door is pushed in. It mounts between the door and the frame, meaning the screws are perpendicular to the applied force of the door during an attempted break-in. The mounting plate is tight between the door and the frame and does not lend itself to being pried open by repeated strikes to the door. Typically, these devices are placed high on the door. Because most intruders kick on the lower part of the door, my suggestion is to put one near the top of the door to prevent a shoulder strike and one on the lower third of the door. For home invasion security, this is likely the best door reinforcement option that you can find in its price range.”

HauSun Door Reinforcement Lock

This inward swinging doorway reinforcement lock adds extra, high security to your home, preventing unauthorized entry. It is 12 times stronger than the typical deadbolt lock against being kicked in. Its spring-loaded design makes it child-safe, giving your family peace of mind. It has a 3″ stop with eight screws for an inward swinging door. Its tamper-resistant child-safety design prevents children from exiting the home unattended.

Door Reinforcement Lock Child Safety Door Security Lock with 4 Screws for Inward Swinging Door-Add Extra,High Security to Your Home|Prevent Unauthorized Entry-3" Stop,Aluminum Construction

Purchase this Door Reinforcement Fixture on Amazon

It takes five minutes to install using four hardened screws, a power screwdriver, and drill mounting to the frame. It is easy to open by placing the index finger on the top of the lock and thumb on the bottom, and slide the lock away from the base plate in the direction of the hinges, then pull outward—no tools required, just a little practice.

Besides providing a good quality door reinforcement lock, they offer good customer service and warranty all their locks.

Here is a satisfied customer's paraphrased comment on the HauSun Door Reinforcement Lock

“It took under 20 minutes to install, including shaving down the door frame. I added another one to a different entry with more space between the door and the frame, which took three minutes to install. It is a solid backup lock making it impossible for someone, even with keys, to open the door when the lock is engaged. Great for use at night, as no one can shoulder or kick in. Even if the locks are picked, no one will be able to enter your home. It is securely shut. A solid buy!”

Home Security Door Lock, Childproof Door Reinforcement Lock with 3" Stop Withstand 800 lbs for Inward Swinging Door, Upgrade Night Lock to Defend Your Home (Black-2 Pack)

Purchase this Door Reinforcement Fixture on Amazon

For an intruder, it's about ease. Experienced criminals won't deal with obstacles and will go elsewhere to break in. But if they still decide to try, an entry that is secure with a reinforcement lock will deter all but the most stubborn of thieves.

Everyone wants their family to be safe and secure. A reinforcement lock offers all the security and peace of mind you need.