Top Survival Shows to Indulge in While We Still Have Power

If you enjoy outdoor activities, there is a possibility of finding yourself in a survival situation. When that happens, you will surely need prior or learned knowledge of surviving in the jungle, wilderness, or on the sea. Luckily, there are numerous survival TV shows and survival movies on Netflix.

These shows provide information on survival tips under different circumstances and environments. As a prepper, the way you prepare for a bug-out bag, you should also advance your survival skills by watching numerous survival shows and movies.

On most streaming service apps and websites, you can hardly run out of content to consume from amazing survival shows. Stick with me to the end, as this article is designed to give you the top eight survival shows  that you can choose from.

Top Survival Shows

1.The 100

This is a TV  survival show released in 2014. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world- 97 years after the nuclear war. According to the show, there is a huge space station called Ark in the earth’s orbit, inhabiting 2000 survivors. As the Ark becomes overcrowded and cannot inhibit more people, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent to the world to check if it is habitable again.

The show concentrates on what they discover and the horrific experience that the 100 experiences while discovering the earth. The 100 discovers the planet is not only habitable but survivors are divided into three clans. As they remain on earth, more juvenile prisoners are sent to the world. For more details of this show, you can stream from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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2.  Survivorman

If you would like something more realistic Survivorman can be your best alternative. This movie involves a single Canadian survival expert (Stroud) who is dropped off in various survival situations, and he films all he does to survive.

This movie will teach you how to find food, water and start a fire without matches. You will also get to know how to build a shelter in the absence of a tent with whatever resources available. What makes this show interesting is that Stroud does not always get things right. You will therefore learn how to rectify your mistakes and move on.

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Catch Survivorman‘s show on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix.

3. Alaska: The last frontier

If you would like to learn how to survive in the wilderness, Alaska: the last frontier, is your best choice. The show involves a large Kilcher family contented to live in cold Alaska; they have learned how to survive with minimal visits to civilization.

You will learn that the Alaskan wilderness is not so friendly. You will not only worry about fellow humans but it is inhabited by hungry bears and harsh weathers that keep most humans away.

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From this show, you will learn essential hunting tips, dig an outhouse and learn tips for raising cattle and food storage. You can watch this show on Amazon Prime and be knowledgeable on wilderness survival tips.


4.    Wild VS. Man

The wild vs. man show features Bear Grylls struggling to survive outdoors. In every episode, he takes on a new location to help you understand how to survive in different situations. He has ventured through the Rockies and Moab desert to Costa Rica rain forest and Alaska mountains with every episode showing a new adventure and excitement of survival.

The show was first released in 2006 and aired on television until 2011. The show gives you seven seasons to enjoy and learn.  However, today you can catch the whole package of seven seasons on Amazon prime

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5.    The Colony

The Colony is another survival show on Netflix but you can still enjoy it on Amazon Prime. The show is about a family in Los Angeles simulated in a post-apocalyptic scenario. This group must make difficult decisions to survive the outside invasion forces.

The TV show has three series in which, through them, you get to explore the ideas of aliens using advanced technology to invade the earth and consequently taking over. The alien creates gated colonies, and they exploit the world’s natural resources, even human labor.


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The series shows how the survivors learn to produce electricity, find food and medicine while working together with aliens. Prepare for the outdoors by watching this exciting series on Amazon prime.

6.    Doomsday preppers

Doomsday prepper is a four-series television reality show aired between 2011 and 2014 on the National Geography channel. However, today you can still catch exciting series on Amazon prime. It talks about how some preppers would survive any event leading to the end of civilization.

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Every episode explores the lives of ordinary Americans profiling their lives. They discuss their unique skills and how to survive the downfall of society. In some cases, they grow their food or stockpile canned goods.

In other instances, you will learn how a man turned an underground missile into a banker. Whether the antic of this show is unimaginable, you cannot deny the fact that you will learn some survival

7. The Walking Dead

This is another apocalyptic series where you can learn few survival tips. While the zombie apocalypse is not likely to happen anytime soon, you can catch your series on Amazon Prime or Netflix. The series follows Rick Grimes, a former police officer, and the group of survivors trying to survive each day as the world becomes filled with zombies.


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Every episode of this TV series is a new adventure with different challenges to overcome. It is an exciting show, and you get a chance to learn a few survival tactics. Catch your first series of this exciting TV series on and Netflix.

8.   MeatEater

MeatEater is a non-fiction seven seasons series first aired in 2012. This survival TV show provides tips on how one could survive when supermarkets were closed and run out of the pantry. With this show, you will learn how to hunt animals under all outdoor conditions.


Watch MeatEater Here

Each episode focuses on how to hunt new kinds of animals in a different location. You will also learn how to prepare and cook wild animals. Hunting is an essential skill as whatever food is in your bug-out bag cannot last you for more than a week. Equip yourself with some hunting tips before venturing by watching MeatEater on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

In a survival situation, you not only need resources but the knowledge of using whatever is available to your advantage. By watching the above selected top few TV shows and movies, you will become fully equipped to survive any situation you might find yourself in.