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prepper gas mask , emergency gas mask

Top Universal Gas Masks to Prep for Any Emergency

If you are looking for the best prepper gas masks and filters, you are in the right place. It may seem ridiculous to prep...
bushcraft axe

Do Bushcraft Axes Live up to the Hype?

Which is the best tool to have when out in the wild? A true adventurer knows they need three things to survive the outdoors,...
survival garden

Creating a Survival Garden During a Pandemic

How many of us could have predicted the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? There is no telling if this pandemic will evolve...
kukri vs machete

Kurki vs Machete: Know Where Each Shape Performs Best

Kukri vs Machete: Similarities and Difference Whether you are trekking, camping, or just exploring the outdoors, a knife is a vital component of your survival...
stockpiling canned food

Stockpiling canned foods

Stockpiling the right type of food is vital to preparing for a survivalist situation. Whether you get stuck at home due to a natural...

7 Ways to Gather an All-Purpose Bug Out Bag on a Tight Budget

Finding yourself in a survival situation unprepared can be scary. While it is not easy to prepare for soothing, you are unsure it will...
brightest pen flashlight

This Might be The Brightest Pen Flashlight (5 Cheaper Alternatives)

A survival situation is not planned, but if you find yourself in one, a tactical pen flashlight is one of those essential gears you...
bushcraft books

15 Best Selling Bushcraft Books: Top Wilderness Survival Guides

As a prepper, apart from gathering all tools necessary for survival, it is essential to know. Especially if you do not have hands-on experience...